Incent To Offer Its ICO Technology To Other Organizations Focusing On Loyalty Rewards

ICO technology can be of great use for any enterprise in the world looking to raise additional funds. Given the popularity of initial offerings in the cryptocurrency space, the decision by Incent to make their technology widely available can go a long way. In fact, the team welcomed its first customer, who will actively distribute Incent as a loyalty reward.

Incent Takes A Major Step Towards Revamping ICO Technology

For people who have been paying close attention to the cryptocurrency world, it has become apparent that ICOs are the new way to go. Various projects want to raise money from as many sources as possible, rather than hope for VC funding or a bank partnership. On paper, this makes a lot of sense, even though the market may get oversaturated at this rate.

To conduct a proper ICO, however, one needs something more than a  donation address and a fancy website. Incent, the blockchain loyalty project, acknowledges that need and will offer its ICO technology to other projects. This turn-key solution is an innovative way to take crowdfunding to a whole new level. Additionally, this decision will ensure the widespread adoption of Incent tokens over time.

Incent Senior Developer Peter Godbolt told the media:

“In setting up the Incent ICO we determined to use Google Firebase, given it’s security and ability to scale without significant investment in sysadmin tasks. Our ICO platform also uses bitcoin and waves blockchains as an open ledger for all investment (any investor can quickly and easily see the status of their payments via the many publicly available blockchain explorers), a ‘trustless’ system for confirming whether or not you made the latest discount level, or whether your payment arrived as expected. We’re excited to be driving best practice in the nascent ICO space, and are pleased to offer our hosted solution to organizations creating Digital Assets on the Waves platform”

Incorporating the Incent token into this ICO technology is a strategic and bold move by the team. Incent is already used as a token of loyalty, and businesses are considering to integrate this solution into their point of sale solutions. With future ICOs now offering Incent as well, project organizers have a direct way or rewarding users for their pledge.

The primary objective of Incent and its technology is to make the customer priority number one. Businesses have lost track of this priority in recent times, and they need to rely on technology to regain customers. This compelling proposition can change the world of customer loyalty as we know it, that much is evident.

Incent is also planning to offer their technology to other organizations looking to launch assets on the waves blockchain platform in the future. ICO Clients get practical software at their disposal, with the option to grant investors Incent tokens for their support from day one. Waves holders will also reap the benefits of this partnership, as every new project raises the network activity. All in all, this is a combination of powerful benefits for all parties involved.

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