ICO Watchlist Report: Which Are the Most (and Least) Profitable ICOs of 2018 So Far?

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) is fast becoming main stream just as the cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology that power it. Disruptive enterprises and projects in the world of blockchain technology have decided to side-step regular venture capital funding processes and general crowd funding models to institute a crypto-community based system of funding start-ups and projects. And this method has proven worthwhile as very early stage companies have recorded successes in raising millions of dollars in just a couple of months.

Playing in the already volatile space of cryptocurrencies and with the ICO investment market still being a relatively new one, it presents quite a risky investment option which requires that prospective investors properly understand the market prior-investing. But just as pertains with most investment instruments, ICOs are high-risk high-reward ventures.

ICO Watchlist, a leading ICO listing platform that raises awareness to ICO projects for the consideration of interested token investors has put together a brief study into the performance of past ICO tokens in the early parts of 2018.

Best Performing Tokens – Full List Here

In the early parts of 2018, Stratis led the way in terms of best returns for token holders and investor with over 108,000% in ROI. This is quite remarkable for a project that raised only $590,000 during its ICO event.

Chinese token Neo is second with an ROI of 88,511.32% for investors. The project realized over $4 million during its initial coin offering event. Ark comes in a distant third ROI percentage-wise with percentage profit to investors being at a little of 38,000%. Ark’s ICO event ran from the 7th of November until the 12th of December 2016 and realized about a million dollars equivalent in cryptocurrencies.

Lisk is the fourth best performer whiles QTUM is the fifth with ROIs of 26,665% and 18,531% respectively. Lisk conducted its ICO event in the first quarter of 2016 and raised $6 Million, QTUM on the other hand raised over $15 Million in March, 2017.

Worst Performing Tokens – Full List Here

Cryptonetix leads the worst performing pack with an ROI of -93%. The Costa Rica based company raised an amount of $110,000 in December, 2017.

CoinDash comes in a close second with -89% in ROI. CoinDash was able to rally up to $8 Million ICO investment. The third worse performing token is that of Stox which raised $27 Million worth of cryptocurrencies for its ICO. Stox ROI is currently at -77%.

Paragon accrued over $183 Million in ICO funding in October, 2017 but is currently the fourth worse performing token asset with an ROI of -74%.

BitJob comes in a close fifth in the league of worst performers with ROI of -71%.

In a fast-moving world of cryptocurrencies, the fortunes of best and worst performing token assets cold change quickly as such it is imperative that interested investors keep studying the market and engage in regular research in order to make informed investment decisions devoid of external influences which could at times be self-seeking.

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