ICO Review: Robotina – The Future Of Electrical Energy Consumption is Here.

Newly-developed technologies such as The Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain are increasingly finding their way into the different services that society uses on a daily basis, with the sole purpose of improving the quality of life for people. For example, the technology used by Bitcoin (blockchain) has helped users around the world to confirm financial transactions in a matter of minutes.

Robotina is developing a platform which combines the three technologies mentioned above and will revolutionize the traditional power network. It’s a new paradigm of designing and operating the electrical power system with the objective of improving efficiency, enhancing user engagement, increasing service quality and saving costs in power generation, distribution and consumption. With the deployment of the Robotina Platform (developed over the last 28 years), community members will be able to collaborate in order to save and earn money while consuming electrical energy.

Robotina is an established company that provides services to more than 800 customers (B2B) in more than 21 countries and has a substantial know-how in the field of smart buildings and cities, efficient use of energy, sustainable development and renewable energy sources. Through their ICO, they will give life to their new project.

Main features

  • Reduce energy maintenance expenses and yield substantial savings on energy costs by an estimated of 30%.
  • Generate significant revenues.
  • Contribute to a greener environment and sustainable development reducing emissions.
  • The utility token will tokenize the Smart Grid Community. Users will be allowed to pay for services and products sold on the Robotina platform with other cryptocurrencies, tokens or fiat money but the user will receive a 3% discount if they pay using ROX.


  • Combines AI + IoT + Blockchain + Efficient Battery Storage + Cloud computing and Big Data technologies on a new and revolutionary platform of electrical energy consumption.
  • Disruptive new model for the energy market and implementation of a collaborative sharing economy business model, which distributes numerous benefits to the participating users.
  • Community members will use smart grids to earn money by providing on-request variable consumption data to energy suppliers and grid operators. Smart grid is an electrical grid which allows connection of smart meters, smart consuming devices, communication and optimization.

Token information

  • Token name = Robotina Utility Token.
  • Acronym = ROX.
  • Technology = Ethereum ERC-20
  • Max. number of tokens = 815,000,000 ROX
  • Currencies accepted = Ethereum

There is no process to destroy or permanently remove tokens from circulation.

Token distribution

  • ICO = 70%
  • Team Members and Advisors = 10%.
  • Marketing and promotion = 7%.
  • Angel investors = 5%.
  • Bounty fund = 3%.
  • Market and product development = 3%.
  • Escrow = 2%.

Funds usage

  • Platform development = 27%.
  • Sales & marketing = 23%.
  • IT Security and compliance = 16%.
  • Operation cost = 14%.
  • Legal expense = 10%.
  • Hardware development = 5%.
  • Strategy development = 5%.


  • Starts = February 21st 2018.
  • Close = March 21st 2018.
  • Token price = $0.048
  • Bonus = 10%
  • Min. buy = 0.5 ETH
  • Hard cap = $15.5 million


  • Starts = March 21st 2018.
  • Close = May 1st 2018.
  • Distributed on ICO = 570,500,000 ROX.
  • Token price = $0.05
  • Bonus = 5% — First $7 million
  • Min. buy = 0.5 ETH
  • Soft cap = $10 million.
  • Hard cap (pre-ICO + ICO) = $28.5 million.

Executive team

Devid Palčič — CEO

Milan Susman — CSM

Ivan Morano — CTO

All team members and advisors can be found on pages 56–61 of the white paper.

Social media presence


In just a few months the project has reached more than 6,800 followers on their social networks and still growing.

Additional information

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For the first time in history, opportunity, technology, as well as legal and social conditions are favorable and available for the Robotina Platform to step onto the stage. Connected to the Robotina Platform, an enabling ecosystem empowers people to save electricity by using smart grids. The reward is simple: to save and earn money and also reduce the pollution of our planet. It is not about doing more, it is about doing it smarter!


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