ICO Bounty Hunt – All ICO bounty campaigns in one place (with filters!)

Most of the blockchain startups choose to launch an ICO bounty campaign before or after their ICO launch. An ICO bounty campaign in the ICO world is an offer given by the startups which gives the individual ability to receive compensation (usually tokens) for doing marketing tasks such as signature campaign, social media campaign, and others specified in the bounty program.

ICO Bounty programs are usually found on Bitcoin forums and now on ICO Bounty Hunt. ICO Bounty Hunt is a new site where you can find active bounty campaigns that are available and most suited for your your requirements. You can find all the information you need to know about ICOs and with their bounty campaign list.

This website is updated regularly with the new ICO bounty campaigns. This will be very useful to those who are ICO bounty hunters, whether you are a noob or an expert hunter. You can find the bounty campaigns offered by each ICO listed in the site.

You can filter ICO Bounty programs down with the following filters:

Signature Campaign, in this campaign you can earn bounty through posting a signature with code created by the ICO company.

Social Media Campaign, participants can get rewards by re-tweeting, sharing, posting, liking, and other way of spreading the official posts of the ICO.

Referral Campaign, you can get a bounty for every invite.

Translation & Moderation Campaign, this will give the participants token by translating the ICO’s whitepaper, landing pages, ANN threads, and also moderating and managing the local thread.

Content Creation Campaign, in this campaign, the participant can gather bounty through writing blog posts or video posts about a certain ICO.

There are also other ICO bounty campaigns that aren’t really used by ICO companies just like reporting bugs and having pre-sale registration.

With ICO Bounty Hunt you can quickly check which ICOs are offering bounty programs that match your requirements. This means you don’t need to waste time reading through threads only to find out that they don’t even have a content creation program.

To learn more more and get updates on the latest ICObounty campaigns, visit ICO Bounty Hunt.



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