Humaniq Backs Startup Contest at Munich’s BlockShow Europe 2017

Luxembourg – February 16, 2017 – With the goal of bringing two billion unbanked people into the global economy, Humaniq is a fintech startup that’s been making a name for itself, being one of the top ICOs to watch out for in 2017, according to CoinTelegraph.

They will kick off their ICO on April 6th, and then Humaniq will sponsor a start-up competition at BlockShow Europe 2017 in Munich on April 6th, where six finalists will be competing for a €10000 prize that will be awarded half in bitcoin and half in Humaniq tokens. The finalists will receive valuable mentoring from industry experts to assist them in setting up a solid roadmap for their business.  Before they get to Munich though, these ambitious teams must make it through the initial elimination round in an online contest that will be held in early March.  The judges for the contest will include several of the speakers at the conference, and participating startups will be selected based on their innovation, viability, and the integration potential of their blockchain service.  

Humaniq has already experienced some success as a start-up, putting them in a good position to offer advice to teams that are taking part in the competition.  During a short-notice December campaign, they managed to raise over $110,000 in Bitcoin and Ether during their pre-ICO initial crowd-funding, beating their target of $68,000 by a hefty margin.  

“We’re really excited to sponsor this start-up competition, and see what kind of ideas these men and women will come up with,” stated Alex Fork, founder and CEO of Humaniq.  “We’re also a Blockchain start-up with a well-defined plan, and by sponsoring this kind of contest we’re giving back to the Blockchain community and helping it grow.”  

Humaniq was launched in 2016  by founder Alex Fork after a February 2016 interview with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin where they discussed the challenges of integrating charities with Blockchain technology. At an ICT conference in Moldova in April, Alex met with UN representatives to talk about who to partner with and what’s needed to help emerging economies where millions of people don’t have bank accounts and live on less than €2 euro per day.  A few months later in May of 2016 Buterin participated in a conference with Alex that was attended by over 500 representatives of the Russian finance industry.  

“These conversations were really productive and led me to create Humaniq,” said Alex Fork, who then added “The key to this project is that we’re leveraging our partnerships with the Blockchain industry as well as creating partnerships on the ground with experts who have roots in the communities our app is going to help.  You can’t carry out this kind of mission alone, and we believe we’ve got a great core team and a fantastic range of initial partners.”  

Humaniq has built an international team with a great deal of industry experience, professional contacts, and individual skills.

Founder Alex Fork has been deeply involved in the Blockchain and fintech community for over four years.  Alex is the director of FutureFinTech in Russia, which incubates and advises Fintech startups in Russia and Eastern Europe.  In addition, he’s also one of the leaders of Blockchain.Community, which is a borderless community of entrepreneurs, experts, and enthusiasts whose goal is to connect people in the Blockchain community in order to drive development and adoption of Blockchain technology worldwide.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Richard Kastelein is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Blockchain News, has been a repeat invitee to speak at numerous industry conferences and will be representing Humaniq at upcoming events in London, Bucharest, Nairobi, Tel Aviv, Manchester, Brussels, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Dublin and many others in the upcoming few months. Kastelein has served as an advisory member of multiple ICOs and Blockchain companies and sits on the steering committee of the international Blockchain Ecosystem Network (BECON).

“I am tremendously excited to be involved with the Humaniq  Project,” said Kastelein. “The idea that we can tap into Blockchain and combine it with mobile banking and biometric technology to help empower people to lift themselves out of a life of poverty in emerging economies, is truly a noble mission and one that I have been seeking in the Blockchain scene for some years now.”  

About Humaniq

Humaniq’s main goal is to create an Ethereum Blockchain based banking app that will bring mobile banking to an audience of two billion people who currently don’t have access to banking services.  In addition to being a banking service, the app will also act as the infrastructure backbone for 3rd party services to plug into, such as insurance providers, p2p lenders, and data security.  Starting with an ICO in February that runs through April 5th, Humaniq intends to have a prototype by May, initial test in July, and begin global rollout in September.  See more at

About BlockShow Europe 2017

BlockShow Europe will be held in Munich on April 6th, 2017.  The conference will introduce attendees to Blockchain powered solutions in 8 vital industries: payments & remittances, internet of things, content distribution, energy, intellectual property, supply chain, insurance, and digital identity.  The conference will feature 19 speakers who are leaders in the Blockchain industry and provide several networking events for attendees to mingle and discuss all things Blockchain.  See more at

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