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How to Secure Decentralized Projects with Hardware Enclaves?

An efficient security solution is mandatory to protect blockchain-based decentralized projects that run on untrusted nodes. iExec will present a solution mixing software and hardware encryption for its decentralized cloud at IBM Think in Las Vegas (19-22 March).

Securely Running Applications on Untrusted Nodes

A new security trend consists of providing a hardware enclave to run applications in an inaccessible part of the CPU. Even the owner of the CPU isn’t able to access the data processed inside of this enclave.

With this cutting-edge technology, it is possible to run applications on a decentralized fashion even on untrusted nodes, because applications are no longer under the control of the decentralized node, but rather under the control of the initial user.

Currently available in early access, Data Guard on IBM Cloud, powered by Fortanix Runtime Encryption platform, uses Intel® SGX technology and offers easy to use and powerful services that accelerate the protection of decentralized applications..

iExec, the decentralized marketplace for cloud computing resources, works on bringing this hardware-based security solution to the blockchain space, and make it a worldwide premiere.

IBM Invited iExec to Present Its Use of Enclaves to Protect Code and Data

With the use of enclaves, iExec is able to protect and scale the dapps leveraging the decentralized cloud composed of untrusted nodes.

iExec will present the solution at IBM Think 2018 (19–22 March), where CEO Gilles Fedak is joining the Cloud & Security panel, along with representatives of IBM and Fortanix.

“iExec is the pioneer to employ SGX technology to enhance security in a blockchain-based ecosystem, and we are very pleased to join a discussion panel at IBM Think to talk about security and iExec’s decentralized cloud computing marketplace”, announces Gilles Fedak, CEO of iExec.

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During IBM Think 2018, iExec will show how the platform allows participants to contribute and monetize their own computing resources, and how Data Guard can be integrated in the iExec ecosystem to secure the blockchain-based decentralized cloud.

The First Decentralized Cloud Marketplace

iExec reinvents cloud computing by building a decentralized marketplace for cloud resources. The company is on the verge of releasing its Version 2, that will allow anyone to monetize their resources (CPU, GPU, applications and datasets).

This global and open network is orchestrated by blockchain technology, to store transactions of value and prove the contribution of participants.

iExec’s participation at IBM Think will be live broadcasted, and can be followed on:

  • Title: Customer Panel: Cloud is an Opportunity to Do Security Right
  • Time: Thursday, 10:30 AM — 11:10 AM Session ID: 8927A
  • Location: Mandalay Bay South, Level 2 Lagoon H

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