How Tech Toys Will Transform The Way Our Kids Learn

One of the most typical complaints of parents today is that their “kids waste too much time with gadgets”; Unsurprising, given the fact that an average household is brimming with SO MANY gadgets– mobile phones, laptops, tablets, playstations, digital watches, etc.

While this is a pertinent problem in today’s techno-savvy society, however, the solution to it is not forcing kids and technology apart; instead, replace the wrong gadgets in their hands with the right ones.

Tech Toys for Learning

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

Which method, do you think, will be more successful? Learning about electrical circuits by reading about or listening to the teacher lecture on resistors, transistors, capacitors, inductors, etc. or building your own circuit with tiny, colorful, tangible pieces while watching a video tutorial on the same?

This is where Tech Toys come into play. While Tech Toys are a lot of fun, that’s not all that they are limited to. Unlike conventional toys, these have a strong educational aspect to them, as they continually challenge children’s’ cognitive abilities and develop them in the process.

It has been observed that most of learning is the most effective when it combines a variety of approaches including visual, aural, read/write and kinesthetic (VARK). However, traditional teaching mostly employ the read/write approach combined with aural (auditory) approach, and some elements of visual approach. Tech Toys are more effective because they combine all the approaches, especially the ignored kinesthetic approach, in the right proportion and make learning a lot of fun, without even having the children realise that they are learning!

Something in it for everyone

“Your children get only one childhood. Make it memorable.”     

Regina Brett

The market is flooded with Tech Toys for everything and everyone, and they teach children all sorts of things– physics, math, coding, pronunciation, good manners, art, cause-and-effect relationships, etc.

The Magformers Interactive Kit Sets teach children about geometric shapes and allow them to construct the magical worlds of their imagination. For kids aged 8+, there are STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) toys such as Jimu DIY Robot Buzzbot and Muttbot Robotics Kit which encourages problem-solving and logical thinking in them. The robot, after being built, can be programmed with a smartphone or tablet with some adult supervision. Then, there’s the SelfieMic Selfie Stick Microphone for budding popstars, as it lets them record their video on a smartphone, and edit it and share it on a companion app available on Android and iOS app. These are only a few examples of Tech Toys available in the market. There are toys for all age groups, with different levels of complexity and functions, beginning from $20 and going up to $200 or so.

While these Tech Toys promote learning outside classroom, they also give families the opportunity to spend some quality time together, and that is another complaint that parents have– their children being glued to screens and not spending time with them.

Many of the toys require the collaborative efforts of children and parents to work properly. Furthermore, many tech toys also help reduce the “screen time” of children by keeping them engaged in constructive activities. Now that’s hitting two birds with one stone– spending fun and quality time with children, and keeping them off the screens of “their” gadgets. Tech Toys are what parents should be buying their children to make them smarter and more skilled, and help them grow up to be technology-savvy adults!

How TEKY fits into the picture

Parents all over the world are gradually realising the benefits of providing their children with Tech Toys suitable for their age, and hence, the demand for them is rising. Asia Pacific is the leading market for STEM toy sales with a revenue of $1B and an annual growth rate of 10%. To meet the growing demand for Tech Toys, TekyCorp has come up with a novel, Blockchain-based solution.

Teky is an e-retailer of smart technology toys & courses with an aim to empower the present and future generation with technical prowess. Teky’s e-commerce platform, specialises in tech-toys and gadgets for all age-groups. Teky also provides cross-border shipping for a global audience, and it has two distribution centers with consolidation and inspection services in the USA and China.

Teky’s TKC token can be used to not only be used to make any purchases on, but it can also be used to access Teky Academy’s technical programs including Programming & Application Development, Robotics & Engineering, and 3D Technology & Multimedia.

Thus, TEKY is facilitating the process of technical learning among children by equipping them with the right Tech Toys and giving them easy access to a host of relevant technical courses. Teky will conducting its ICO soon, the details of which can be found on

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