How does a peer-to-peer blockchain learning system operate?

A look at how blockchain technologies are being used in the education sector.

Blockchain is changing the way people complete transactions. This technology is no longer associated only with cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin as organizations look for new ways to improve people’s lives with blockchain technology. As blockchain becomes more widely used, it is changing the way industries operate and get things done. For example, significant technological advancements are occurring in the education industry.

This process has long been touted as the next stage of evolution in education. So, what if blockchain became the basis for these advancements changing the future of online learning?

As the world continues to change, people want to be able to learn online, anywhere and anytime. Tutoring, one of the largest segments of the education industry is expected to be a market worth US$227 billion by 2022. While online tutoring currently accounts for 3-5% of the tutoring market, these numbers are expected to grow as people become accustomed to learning in online environments.

With online education platforms that may not have the backing of a traditional education institution, it can be common for people to feel unsure about knowing exactly which online education or tutoring offer is right for them. Technology like NTOK’s peer-to-peer online education platform, Tutor Ninja, is changing the edtech landscape, making it easier and more transparent than ever before to partner with people to learn new skills or to teach your skills to others.

With the establishment of NTOK’s blockchain-based platform, their goal is to facilitate learning, particularly foreign languages, on an online peer-to-peer platform that connects tutors and students. Commencing in its early stages as a platform to learn and teach foreign languages, NTOK also has plans to expand its online education platform in the future.

How does peer-to-peer learning on the blockchain work?

You may be wondering exactly how peer-to-peer education will work using blockchain-based technology so let’s take a look at how blockchain technology can be used in an online education context.

As with most blockchain-based platforms, the chief purposes of the technology are to allow direct interaction and payment between stakeholders, to establish transparency, and for geographical and economic barriers to be overcome.

Like most blockchain-based platforms, the central part of NTOK’s online education platform is the NTOK crypto-token. This token will be used for various purposes such as students paying for lessons and teachers and content providers earning income. With the option to use traditional fiat currency as payment methods, stakeholders who may not find buying and selling crypto-tokens intuitive, will also be able to benefit from using the platform.

The NTOK ecosystem has two major components – the learning platform and blockchain. Users of this ecosystem will find features including search, selection and ratings of tutors, online scheduling, payment systems, a virtual classroom, interactive tests, licensed content, and video lessons.

Based on software specifically for building user interfaces, the unrivalled learning experience offered by NTOK is helping people learn effectively online. To make this learning seamless, the platform offers audio and video streaming services so tutors and students can easily communicate and transfer information.

Blockchain technology can be used throughout all stages of the learning journey on the NTOK platform. Using Ethereum smart contracts, students will have the ability to view video and work with educational content, and rate and review their tutors after payment is made.

Tutor ratings will be calculated from the blockchain-based reviews completed by students. Students will have the opportunity to leave feedback on elements such as the tutor’s course materials and the quality of video lessons delivered by the tutor. These ratings and reviews will be impossible to change and manipulate, making this a truly transparent learning environment.

How do I undertake peer-to-peer learning on Blockchain?

Once NTOK tokens have been purchased, tutors and students will have the ability to perform various tasks in the online learning environment.

At the start of the learning journey, for example, a student may be looking for a tutor to teach them English. In this scenario, a student can search for a tutor based on several parameters including subject, language, price, rating, and availability. When this search is complete, the student will receive a list of suitable tutors available to teach on the subject.

After selecting a tutor, the student and their chosen tutor will be able to view the tutor’s online schedule so lessons can be booked and bookings for future lessons can be viewed. Once these lessons have been scheduled, the student is able to pay their tutor directly using NTOK tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Paying the tutor directly on the Ethereum blockchain also keeps costs to a minimum by removing the need for a middleman or third party to facilitate payment.

Inside the online learning environment, students will have access to premium quality audio and video connections to their tutors. With the ability to share files, collaborate on an interactive whiteboard and subject-specific interactive testing, the student and tutor remain engaged and effective throughout the duration of every learning session.

Finally, students will also be able to review and learn new content in pre-recorded video lessons on the platform. These video lessons, recorded by tutors, will be free and paid allowing all students to take advantage of the knowledge contained in the lessons. Providing students with a richer learning experience, these lessons will form a key part of the additional value provided on NTOK’s platform. Tutors who record these video lessons will also be provided with additional opportunities to market their 1:1 tutoring services as students watch the pre-recorded video lessons. The chance to earn NTOK tokens will also be available to tutors who pre-record and publish video lessons on the platform.

NTOK is changing the future of education enabling peer-to-peer learning on a completely transparent online platform. Using blockchain technology to find students and tutors along with a transparent rating system, NTOK adopters will have access to a high-quality education anywhere, anytime. This is breaking down the geographical and economic barriers that once existed with traditional education institutions while ensuring students get the best online learning experience possible. Visit to learn more about NTOK’s ICO and their online education platform.

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