HOT – The Revolutionary App Store for Ethereum

Appian is the Ethereum App Store. People are rightfully excited to join this latest craze. The Appian ICO has launched recently, and Appian is already being talked about on major news sites. Many investors see potential in a decentralized app store built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a potential competitor to the centralized solutions that exist today, like Apple’s app store or Google Play. It’s the world’s first Ethereum App Store.

What is Appian

Imagine all the apps in the world, bundled into one platform. Welcome to Appian. Fully featured with user reviews, ratings, and development tools: Appian is changing the way we build apps. Appian services and products are exchanged with a token called APP. These are limited tokens which are exclusively used on the platform. APP tokens can also be traded back to other cryptocurrencies, like Ether after the ICO. These are limited in supply. No more APP tokens are created after the crowdsale.

Bonus Tokens this Week

Only for this week, Appian token investors will receive 44% bonus tokens in exchange for their ETH contributions. It’s expected that APP tokens will be live and tradeable on many exchanges following the crowdsale. The 44% bonus for investors will not be applicable in just a few days.

As Ethereum apps become more popular, demand for APP tokens will grow accordingly. Appian’s token value is expected to grow with apps built for Ethereum. With tons of new applications being released daily for Ethereum, Appian has major potential in this growing market.

In order to participate and get some APP tokens, check their website here:

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