Holla – Skyscanner of Remittance. Find and compare the best prices when sending money abroad.

SEOUL, South Korea — Holla has just released a service that helps users find the best ways to send money abroad. The website, https://hollapay.com lets users compare all the different money services such as Bitcoin, WesternUnion, Transferwise, PayPal, banks etc and displays all the information and fees in a transparent and clear way.

Holla runs an engine in real-time that collects all the information from different service providers and through its data analysis it manages to get all the rates and fees associated with each service provider.

“From our research, banks have the largest market share in the global $583 billion remittance market, even though they have not been providing a very competitive service. We believe competition is the key to come up with cheaper and better ways to transfer money and that’s exactly what Holla’s calculator is providing” explains Paul Bugge, COO of Holla.

Holla through its global partners and exchanges is also going to facilitate the money transfer using Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies with their engine for individuals and businesses later this year.

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About Holla

Holla is a remittance search engine that helps users send and find the best way to send money abroad. Founded by an international team in Seoul in 2016. Expected to launch on Android and iOS mid 2017.

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