Hear nothing, see nothing and nothing to say

What do Hillary Clinton, Jennifer Lawrence and CIA director John Brennan have in common?

Not much at first glance but there is one thing, all three have experience issues with emails and online storage. Hillary’s election campaign was caused problems by leaked emails, hacked from John Podesta’s account, Jennifer Lawrence suffered the embarrassment of having intimate footage and videos pushed all over the internet and John Brennan suffered a similar fate to John Podesta at the hands of a 15 year old british kid.

Their common problem was brought about by one thing and one thing alone, inadequately secured and easily compromised electronic communication systems. It seems nary a week goes by without something hitting the news about leaked dossiers, emails or intimate images. There are systems around the world holding all types of information and for every server holding that data, there is somebody somewhere (possibly wearing a black hat) attempting to gain access to that system for whatever nefarious reason that is driving them.

As a result of this constant onslaught by hackers, communication system providers are constantly battling to stay one or two steps ahead of their attackers. Packet firewalls are being reinforced time after time on servers as layer after layer of proxy firewalls are being installed between those servers and the outside world, these intrusion prevention systems are becoming ever more complicated. At the end of the day, under relentless pressure, these protection systems inevitably fail and the faceless assailants gain access to their prize, information, facts and data they shouldn’t have access to.

The way the world is moving today, pretty much every type of information is becoming digitized and put in some type of database somewhere, it is ripe for exploitation if the parties trusted to keep it secure slip from their task for a moment and leave the slightest chink in their armor.

So what is the way forward? Zero-knowledge encryption! Zero-knowledge encryption is system whereby the server provide has no knowledge of what you store on their servers. The only way to recreate your information from a zero-knowledge server is to go in with exactly the right mathematically linked electronic key, a key which only you have. When applied as an end to end encryption system for communications, you can be sure that whatever you store or communicate is as difficult to hack as is electronically possible.

All good things come in threes so if you have an amazing firewall system in place and zero knowledge protocol in place, what is the next step? Invacio have the answer, Invmail. Invmail is Invacio’s electronic communications system, it incorporates military/governmental level firewall protection systems, zero-knowledge protocol and their piece de resistance, Invmail comes with ‘burn functionality.’ ‘Burn functionality’ means messages and files can be irretrievably destroyed at your discretion, even the storage pathways used are repeatedly overwritten, obliterating every trace of the exchange.

By applying these three technologies across all types of electronic communications Invacio are redefining online privacy. Whether you wish to email, instant chat or video call, you can, safe in the knowledge that whatever happens your digital life is private.

Invmail is just one of eleven divisions Invacio will be rolling out later this year.  Of the other 10 divisions, 1 applies the same technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) in a social network environment, 4 are applied artificial intelligence in finance focused, 2 apply AI to data gathering and cleansing, 2 utilise AI cleansed data to guide business and consumers with decision making and strategy and the tenth applies AI in global security and facial recognition. Visit invmail.io to sign up for a basic account free of charge,

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Invmail Zero Knowledge Coms solution | Live https://invmail.io

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Network | Live but Invite Only https://www.Invacio.com/login

Tamius | Wallet in Google Store (Phase 1) Apple Store Soon!

Aquila | https://aquila.Invacio.com enquiries to [email protected]

API | Disabled https://api.Invacio.com

CEAM | Coming Soon

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