Harrisburg University backed Thought Network launches Pre-ICO on 1st of March, 2018

Problems with the current data industry

On 1969 humans landed on the Moon for the first time. Now, less than 50 years later the smartphones in our pockets are over 100 million times more powerful than the computers used on the famous Apollo missions. The incredible advancements in technology have truly taken humans to the next level.

But, with the improvements in technology, there’s also an enormous influx of new data generated. There are over 900 million text messages sent every hour, over 4 million videos watched on Youtube every minute and people nowadays have to deal with over 100 million spam emails every minute. As you might see, we create A LOT of data, and by 2025 the annual data creation will be ten times the amount of the data produced currently.

With that much data produced, our current methods will no longer be viable. We’ll end up in a landscape littered with information while not having sufficient intelligence to process all of it. Already, even the most complex and intelligent AI and data systems struggle to deal with all of the data we create. By 2025 humans will generate over 160,000,000,000,000 GB of data and only 20% of it will be analyzed.

The patented technology of Thought Network tackles the problem from a completely new angle

Thought is a blockchain and AI company backed by Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. While most AI and big data businesses still focus on handling larger and larger amounts of data, Thought’s patented technology takes an entirely new approach – it makes data smart.

By embedding every small bit of data with artificial intelligence, Thought can make ordinary data, that needs applications to become valuable, aware of its origin, its purpose and makes it able to act on its own to complete its task. This new way reduces the need for traditional applications, making data processing cheaper and faster. Instead of communicating with different applications, data can communicate with other pieces of data directly.

“At some point in the future, our current methods of handling data will no longer be feasible to cope with the ever-growing amount of information generated by humanity.” says the CEO of Thought, Professor Andrew Hacker, who has researching and developing the concept of smart data and algorithms for the past six years.

“Smart Data allows us to create a completely new paradigm of active data, where we can do everything more efficiently, intelligently, quickly and securely. Because of our ability to embed intelligence into pieces of data itself, we have the potential to revolutionize both AI and the process by which artificial intelligence is taught.”

By integrating blockchain technology with Smart Data, Thought can make AI more accessible, transparent and above all more secure.

“Every small piece of Smart Data is secured with multi-level encryption. Being able to secure individual bits of data is the Holy Grail of cybersecurity.” Continues Professor Hacker, who, in addition to running Thought Network, is a cybersecurity expert in residence at Harrisburg University.

Thought Network’s unique angle on the increasing data problem has granted Andrew Hacker and his company a US patent.

Thought Network is working closely with Harrisburg University

“We’re proud of Andrew’s accomplishments and are honored to have him as a valuable member of Harrisburg University,” says Dr. Eric Darr, the President of Harrisburg University, which is one of Thought’s equity partners. “We came to believe that Mr. Hacker’s technology had significant promise. Therefore, HU has been pleased to financially support the involvement of many computer science students in the further development of the latest Thought Network technology.”

“Mr. Hacker’s patent shows the community that the University supports local people doing great things, and it gives our students a great example of what you can accomplish in the growing field of technology.”

Dr. Darr continued, “The upcoming release of this new technology, Thought Blockchain, and its applications for businesses and consumers in artificial intelligence and analytics represents the bleeding edge of innovation. Harrisburg University looks forward to continuing its work with Mr. Hacker and Thought Network as they continue developing new and valuable technology.”

Building something as complex as Thought requires a dedicated and brilliant team

Thought’s team consists of over 15 well-educated and experienced members, and they have a knowledgeable and impressive board of advisors, ranging from a retired Army Colonel to PhDs in AI, Biochemistry and Computer Science, and many more.

“Coming up with the idea was the easy part, building the technology and taking it to the point it affects the broader scale is the difficult part. But thanks to our incredible team, we have moved at an exponential pace towards the completion of our project. It’s a spectacular thing to witness how we are able to collectively knock down obstacle after obstacle.” Talks Andrew Hacker. “There will always be technical hurdles to overcome, which is exactly why we are doing this – because that part is fun! Whatever hurdles there may be, we are ready!”

Thought ICO

Now, on the final stretch of getting their MVP ready, Thought is launching an ICO on the 1st of March. The ICO will last for one month, with the pre-ICO lasting from 1-13 of March and the ICO taking place from 14-31 of March. Participants in the whitelist receive a 30% bonus, the pre-ICO receive a 15% bonus, and ICO participants gain 5-10% bonus on their token purchase.

“As you know driving adoption isn’t easy. We are spreading the word about Thought by developing partnerships with educational establishments, business organizations and industry experts, building communities around Thought Network concepts and educating developers on building on top of the Thought platform, “, explains Prof. Hacker about how they’ll utilize their funding. “Also, to truly build a widely used and comprehensive platform, we need constant innovation, adding more possibilities and functions. “

Thought Network has a rich native token economy with its native utility token THT. THT is awarded for mining on the Thought blockchain as well as for developing applications and giving access to data streams and repositories. These tokens can be used to purchase information, data insight and to use different data models and applications on the network.

Learn more about Thought Network’s ICO: https://thought.live

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