Graft Main Net Launched Ahead of Scheduled Date

Graft, the blockchain-based payment network created for point of sale, had launched its mainnet on January 16th, ahead of its scheduled date and just a few days before the company’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which started on January 18.

Graft is one of a few ICO projects that have their own blockchain. The team behind this project is so committed to help cryptocurrencies gain mainstream acceptance and provide a payment solution for merchants that they built a blockchain based around the merchants’ systems and processes, combining the best parts of payment technologies and solving the issue regarding the other cryptocurrencies. By using Graft, merchants will be able to accept cryptocurrencies at the point of sale with just as much ease as they would have with real money or credit cards.

By using its own blockchain, Graft runs in a different league than its ERC20 –based competitors.  Because of this, their blockchain network will not be plagued by latency and fees, underlying blockchain conditions that can be found in the Ethereum network. Thus the company is a perfect provider of solid payment services.

Since Bitcoin’s creation, blockchain technology was said to change the financial system irrevocably. But, ten years have passed since then, and blockchain has not impacted the traditional financial system as it was once thought. One of the reasons for cryptocurrencies not being adopted in mass by the public is that many of the current blockchain-based assets were not developed to be an efficient transaction environment (at a point of sale) relative to the much existing payment methods.

At the moment, transactions involving bitcoin and cryptocurrencies cost consumers more than credit and debit cards. Said consumer would have to pay $30 in transaction fees alone. Additionally, existing cryptocurrencies do not provide merchants, who are uncertain about the tax and legal implications of using crypto payments, the freedom of deciding in what currencies (fiat or digital) they would want to cash out. Graft has dedicated itself to solving such problems and make cryptocurrency accepted by the general public.

Graft Blockchain network transactions will have real-time confirmation, and the transaction fees will consist of only a fraction of those existing currencies, being calculated on the amount transacted not on the network load as in bitcoin’s case. The network was also created to sustain micro-transactions. Graft also works with existing payment behaviors and infrastructure, letting merchants accept payment in native fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies alike. Simply put, Graft facilitates crypto payments, making them work as conveniently and fast as MasterCard, Visa, and Amex.

Their ICO lasts from January 18 to February 18, having a hard cap of $25 million. If you’re interested in the Graft Blockchain Network ICO – you may find more info below.

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