Go All-In On Ripple (XRP) and Crypto AI Says Top Trading Platform, Here’s Why

Amid the crypto market’s misgivings, prominent crypto exchange Bitrue touts Ripple (XRP) and RCO Finance (RCOF) as viable digital assets to invest in, recommending users “go all-in” on them. 

This unprecedented backing comes as the prices of leading crypto assets, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), crash, leaving investors looking for a way out.

Let’s find out why Bitrue recommends these top altcoins as worth considering for investment.

Bitrue Sparks Mixed Reaction After Endorsing XRP

Bitrue, a top cryptocurrency exchange in Singapore, reiterated its bullish stance on Ripple (XRP) in a recent post on the X social media platform. In a tweet on June 26, 2024, Bitrue issued a statement to its followers and crypto investors seeking headway amid the ongoing market turmoil following a decline in the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

The exchange presented Ripple (XRP) as a high-potential asset with a great value proposition, encouraging users to “go all-in.”

Over time, Bitrue has exhibited confidence in XRP’s prospects, continually promoting the asset more than any cryptocurrency on its platform. Moreover, the exchange regularly engages users about XRP to gauge their sentiment on the asset. Recently, it asked if investors would accumulate more Ripple (XRP) coins instead of a Tesla. 

Besides vocally endorsing Ripple (XRP), Bitrue has also introduced several trading pairs for the asset on its platform to foster trading. Meanwhile, XRP continues to struggle from the bears’ grip, down 1.43% to $0.47 in the last twenty-four hours. Bitrue’s persistent advocacy of the Ripple coin suggests the exchange expects positive growth in XRP’s value in posterity.

RCO Finance: The Crypto AI Trading Platform Set To Change The Investment Game

Like XRP, RCOF, the native cryptocurrency of the decentralized finance AI-powered trading platform, has been proclaimed one of the best altcoins to invest in. 

This sentiment draws from its presale price projection, post-launch value expectation, and intrinsic value. Before looking at RCOF, what do we know about its host, RCO Finance?

RCO Finance is a new AI-driven trading outlet that grants investors access to a wide spectrum of digital assets. From cryptocurrencies, stocks, shares, and derivatives to real-world assets, users can invest in multiple asset classes at once. 

The platform offers 120,000 financial instruments within 12,500 asset classes, allowing investors to spread their portfolios.

It features a sophisticated AI robo-advisor that can develop a trading strategy that suits investors’ needs and preferences. This tool examines different assets’ historical performances, trends, patterns, and behaviors, and based on its findings, it makes forecasts to provide investors with insight into the best time to buy or sell an asset. Its machine learning program enables it to function without human intervention and take trades on behalf of an investor.

RCO Finance does not require KYC, making onboarding easy and accessible to anyone. Moreover, its debit card can be used anywhere in the world, regardless of geographical location. Users get the best deals when they adopt RCO Finance, including rewards for joining the ecosystem by holding RCOF.

RCOF Presalers On Its Way To Massive Gains

RCOF is the key to foraging the RCO Finance habitat, and holding it attracts numerous perks. These perks include priority customer support, governance voting power, high yield on staking, and access to airdrops. 

Quarterly dividends are paid directly to users’ wallets, followed by rewards based on an individual’s tier to enlarge their investments.

Blockchain security firm SolidProof has audited RCOF’s contract address to ensure its safety. With round-the-clock market coverage, RCO Finance users can swap their RCOF tokens for any asset they want. They can also trade RCOF with up to 50X leverage to increase their returns.

RCOF is in Stage 1 of its presale, with 32.94% of its allocation for this stage sold, reflecting increasing demand. As demand grows, the token’s value rises until it reaches $0.4 or $0.6, when it will eventually be listed on exchanges. By then, early investors would have realized a 30X or 3,000% gain on their capital. 

This projection suggests that the best time to accumulate RCOF is now!

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