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Globcoin’s Token Sale – Instant, Cost-Effective and Secure Transactions

Introduction to Globcoin

Globcoin is a Swiss Group that created a multi-currency platform which will allow all of its users to perform instant, secure and cost-effective transactions with digital and fiat currencies.

Globcoin’s clients will be able to create basket currencies conforming to their needs. Currency baskets are a portfolio of selected currencies with different weightings. These baskets have been commonly used to minimise the negative effects of currency volatility.

Globcoin has been marketing these currency baskets since 2012 to family offices and institutional investors and now they are preparing to launch this currency management service to the mainstream public.

The platform makes use of Ethereum’s blockchain technology and the following Group Structure:

By using RCS’s Dual Token solution, Globcoin has come up with two Ether tokens:

Globcoin Team

The team behind Globcoin’s platform is a mix of talented and dedicated individuals. All of them have impressive and extensive CVs that contain previous big ventures, projects, top institutional degrees and scientific papers. Among the staff members of Globcoin there are a few of the biggest personalities in the finance, banking and management sector. This bold project was launched after they all recognized the advantages blockchain technology has to offer in the finance industry.

More on Globcoin’s Token Sale

Globcoin is launching a Token Sale that aims to produce capital which will be used to cover the costs of the development and improvement of various areas of the Globcoin infrastructure, such as marketing and PR, market data, simulation tools, currency portfolio management tools, creation of new products, operational and legal costs, partnership programs and other.

The Token Sale starts in January 2018 (pre-ICO with a 70% bonus from 8th to 12th , ICO from 13th to 31 st  )  . The GLX token will not be used in the sale.

Below you will find more detailed information on the event:

Upcoming events:

Globcoin contacts:






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