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Global Finances Company Plans to Finish Working of Cryptocurrency Electronics Internet-shop to the End of 2018

  • Internet-market of electronics with cryptocurrency as s system payment
  • A new channel of profit and new niche for sellers with customers from Europe and the USA.
  • A new opportunity to use cryptocurrency as payment in everyday life

Global Finances Company presents one more new service – a cryptocurrency internet-market of electronics based on the blockchain technology.  After a crowdfunding area, is a second project, which become a part of cryptocurrency platform. Internet-shop start its work to the end of 2018 and present whole possible categories of the goods.

A real purchase by cryptocurrency

To the end of 2018 Global Finances Company will create and launch a platform which people could buy a home appliance and electronics on.   Global Finances Tokens (GFXT) will become the main currency of this resource, tokens can be bought now, during ICO, or on the exchange.  Using this tokens, based on the block chain transaction system makes your transactions faster and commission hardly visible.

With the start of the project client will be able buy any sorts of goods: mobile phones, computers, accessories and home appliance. In the future these categories will be adding.

The platform is made up by own block chain development method.  A company manager of marketing department, Marius Rasmussen, says: “Every e-commerce project is a unique one, so the universal CMS cannot produce the implementation marketing tasks of every project”.  

Goals and prospects

If you have a cryptocurrency, why not to pay for a new iPad by it? Cryptocurrency internet-shop of electronics is a great opportunity not only trade on the exchange but have a real profit from digital money in real life. The goal of Global Finances company is to create a modern and safe internet-shop with cryptocurrency as a payment for goods.

For providers of machinery a new service opens a new channel of profit and find a new niche. Global Finances company will not but all the goods spector, presented on the site. Sellers will become that companies which verification check-in.  They will obtain all needed services: storage rooms, support service and delivery service. Everything what a partner need to do is to send a consignment of goods to the storage in Europe or the USA (depends on wherever he wants to sell the goods) and fill up the goods page correctly.  Marketers of Global Finances Company help you to choose a price and advertisement politics. The goal is to join a larger number of sellers and teach them to send goods for cryptocurrency.

The prospect is to make this supermarket on tone level with big and popular internet shops.

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Considering, that in the world of cryptocurrency is a new niche, the Global Finances team foresee a brilliant prospect in this area.

Creation of community

The internet-supermarket is a second project which has been launched by Global Finances Company.

A cryptocurrency kickstarter based on the block chain system was a first one. Both projects will use a common tokens, which give their owners some great abilities of using cryptocurrency in everyday life.

Company manager of marketing department, Marius Rasmussen, assured: “2018 year become a year of great changes. More often we face with artificial intelligence, a virtual reality, cryptocurrency and block chain technologies. I am glad to take a part in support this revolutionary technologies. I think, we are really lucky ones to launch two huge and useful projects at the same time.”

For reference

Global Finances startup was registered in 2017. But Global Finances Company, which work on the software market and marketing almost 10 years, is responsible for its development. The project team consists of 30 members working remotely. The marketing department is situated in New York, developers are in CIS and UAE.

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