Gameflip: The Marketplace for Both Gamers and Publishers

The digital gaming goods industry rakes in 100 billion dollars annually, and the industry is still in nascency considering that the infrastructure cannot support trades between players themselves. This market, where players can trade between themselves lucratively, represents unique value for publishers as well as the marketplace.

Gameflip believes that it is the only ICO that can deliver a true marketplace to gamers while maintaining integrity and yielding profit for publishers. A lot of ICOs are mere startups that need liquidity to get started. Often, by selling tokens they wish to gain capital to prepare for an audience. Gameflip represents a working gaming company with key relationships with advisers and leaders in the space, and not to mention an already purchasing consumer base.

Gameflip originated from a team of influential game industry professionals from hundred million dollar company Aeria Games. The team leader JT Nguyen served for ten years in the gaming industry, and he is former COO of Aeria Games. Cofounder Terry Ngo is Gameflip’s CTO. Terry has eleven years of experience. And he is former CTO of Aeria Games. Bryan Tabit is Gameflip’s Head of Engineering. He has worked in the space for nine years, and he was lead architect for Aeria Games.

Gameflip is a working organization that has been in the digital gaming goods business for three years. The team is already being invested by venture capital firms and other key investors, along with a proven team and industry backers that have working connections in the game publishing space.

Seeing as trading digital gaming goods is already a 100 billion dollar industry, Gameflip is poised for enlargement in the space, with a chance to innovate with a peer to peer marketplace with qualities needed for revenue growth. Gameflip sees the potential with smart contracts to provide confidence in the marketplace enlarging the industry even more. The team already knows that this is a momentous opportunity for publishers to capitalize as well. And with the support of publishers their token is eligible for mass adoption.

Gameflip’s team is prepared to engage the publishers needed for this adoption. The team has knowledge on how the industry works and what incentivizes companies to produce digital content. They have a solid relationship with international publishers Sony, Ubisoft, and Disney.

Their prior work attracted advisors that have founded publishers Electronic Arts, GREE, and Bigpoint. This influence goes along with a team that has the reach to contact any influential party in the industry. This allows Gameflip an edge in the digital goods space.

It is this team that is creating an opportunity for gamers, developers, and publishers alike with the FLP tokens. FLIP tokens will be the premier token for the Gameflip marketplace. With the presale finished reaching 112% of their goal, they anticipate the Token Main Sale to take place on December 4th.

The December main sale comes with a minimum of .1 ETH and no maximum. The sale will continue until seventy two hours after 30,000 ETH is reached, until 43,200,000 FLP tokens are sold, or January 29th of 2018.

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