Galaxy eSolutions the Global eCommerce Marketplace and Distribution, First of its Kind, to Launch ICO

Hong Kong – November 14, 2017 –  Pre-Sale ICO of Galaxy eSolutions a global e-commerce marketplace specifically for refurbished consumer electronics will begin on 17th November 2017 at 12:00 UTC.

About Galaxy eSolutions (GES)

Galaxy eSolutions is based in Hong Kong, with global e-commerce marketplaces for refurbished, pre-owned consumer electronics. The range of products are from pre-owned consumer smartphones to other consumer handheld electronics. The whole process is managed by GES from procuring the electronics, refurbishing them, to re-selling and distributing them globally. The process provides high-quality products with affordable prices for consumers.

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“The GES ICO is a chance for funders to get their hands into a multi-billion dollar market. We will reward our funders with a generous profit sharing model and all our tokens are backed by real products.” Yuen Wong, Co-Founder & CEO Galaxy eSolutions.

As an existing business, is set to generate $20 million revenue sales in 9 months of operation towards the end of 2017, from its active marketplaces. GES has the aim and the potential to grow and become the market leader.

The market of refurbished consumer electronics is valued as a multi-billion dollar market and one of the fastest growing markets with a double digital growth rate per year; but this is not common knowledge. Becoming the market leader will enable Galaxy eSolutions to introduce other branded products, provide optimal customer experience, penetrate other developing markets, and open a gateway to environmentally aware consumers.

The GES team of ‘leaders’ and advisors consist of Founders and Entrepreneurs of leading online international businesses, and experts in the technology field specifically blockchain.

The GES Tokens

The tokens can be used as a utility where the holders of GES tokens will be able to use them on the marketplaces owned by Galaxy eSolutions. It will operate as an open source ecosystem on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain platform. A one-stop solution for fast, simple and secure transactions.

There will be 3,000,000 GES tokens made available in the token sale. The rate of the tokens will be 100 = 1 ETH, with 3 bonus periods in the Pre-Sale.

  1. Pre-Sale 1: From 17th November to 23th November: Secure a 30% boost.
  2. Pre-Sale 2: From 24th November to 30th November: Secure a 20% boost
  3. Pre-Sale 3: From 1st December to 7th December: Secure a 10% boost

Public ICO will then commence on 8th December 2017 at 12:00 UTC, following the end of Pre-Sale on 7th December 2017 at 11:59 UTC, till 15th January 2018 11:59 UTC.

The target and hard cap of 25000 ETH will be used for the developments and launches of other e-commerce marketplaces under Galaxy eSolutions. The funds raised will also go towards the growth plan and strategy in place.

Read the whitepaper for more information on the allocation of funds raised:

For more information about the allocation of tokens go to the website:

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