FundRequest and Indorse partner to Certify and Reward Open Source Developers on the Blockchain

FundRequest, a decentralized marketplace built for open source collaboration, has announced a partnership with Indorse, a reward-based decentralized professional social network where users can control their data, to match talented and certified open source developers with available projects, bounties and jobs.

FundRequest is a decentralized marketplace that provides a unique protocol for funding open source development and collaboration. It allows anybody to fund projects across the entire open source space, accelerating growth and at the same time providing a democratic system that allows development to reflect what users really want. FundRequest ensures that contributors to open source development are financially rewarded for their work and their partnership with Indorse will bring even greater benefits.

Indorse utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to bring validity to the skills economy. Users can create a professional profile on the network and receive accreditation for their skills, abilities and employment history. Using both peer evaluation and artificial intelligence-based chatbots, the veracity of these skills is assessed and written onto the permanent, immutable public ledger.

The combination of the two systems will provide people with a legitimate professional record to showcase their Indorse profile on FundRequest while simultaneously allowing Indorse users to search for programming jobs and bounties on FundRequest.

“Partnering with Indorse is a perfect symbiotic relationship for our goals with FundRequest,” said Karel Striegel, CEO FundRequest. “We will give Indorse users access to projects and jobs in the blockchain and open source communities, meanwhile we will have access to vetted, top quality developers to work on the projects on our platform.”  

The Indorse platform will create a record of all the work a developer has contributed, meaning that the community can democratically select the best developers for each project. At the same time developers are provided with a permanent record of their contributions and receive full recognition for their efforts. It’s a mutually beneficial system where Indorse users will be able to find work through FundRequest proposals, and FundRequest users will be able to use the Indorse platform to have their skills and accomplishments validated.

The collaboration will closely tie the projects together. Users will be able to display and link their Indorse profile on the FundRequest platform, and reversely show their FundRequest activity on the Indorse system. Efforts are also being made to streamline sign-up processes between the two platforms.

The partnership between the two platforms will potentially be hugely beneficial for the open source community and also help provide skilled blockchain developers for projects that need additional talent. A developer’s contribution history recorded on the FundRequest system is verified again before being permanently written to the Indorse blockchain, providing two layers of verification and minimizing the chance of fraudulent behavior. Developers are also greatly incentivised to contribute to open source projects, not only through financial incentives, but in order to build a professional resume on the Indorse blockchain.

Businesses already registered with Indorse will be able to use the FundRequest platform for a range of services, from debugging and outsourcing development to creating bounties.

In addition, with FundRequest’s roadmap indicating integration with a broad range of services in the near future, including the home of software development, GitHub, the collaboration with Indorse will be one of the first steps in building a robust ecosystem around open source development.

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