From Unicorns to the Moon: Mining, Posting, Hosting and Sharing Adult Content for Coins

If you think that you have seen it all, done it all, and enjoyed it all in the vast world of adult entertainment and believe that nothing is new, exciting, fresh or worth your time and attention, check this one:

While there are plenty of ICOs that claim to be ‘revolutionizing adult entertainment’ and many adult tokens around, LEONS takes it all further from UNICORNIA to the “MOON”, live.

It all starts with more than thirty different and unique sites with exclusive, original and mainly never before seen content on LEONS.WORLD, backed by a strong team and partners with a track record of producing, directing, filming and distributing top-of-the-class adult content for years across multiple sites in Europe and the US, which has its own unique platform, developing already more than 2 years to come to life: The ISLAND (, a unique blockchain-based ecosystem, backed by its own community, software, apps and Decentralized Apps, on which creating, hosting, uploading and sharing legal and original content will be rewarded in coins, which has its own properties, resorts, dating-meeting points, Arenas, Shopping Centers, private houses and areas for your own pleasure, stable and trade center for your unicorns that are given to users automatically when they step on the island alongside a unique part of the Moon (yes, our moon, on which you will be able to see where is your part with the help of Augmented Reality, from your phone camera, your neighbors and use your own part to put your name, sell, trade or use it), marketplace for trading assets and items, black forest for more darker adventures and even its own “Iron Bank” for your coins and even a space center, where you can fulfil all your desires, dreams and fantasies anonymously with limitless possibilities like enjoying the private parties, adventures, games, contests, and everything else available while having the chance to earn more coins and convert them into fiat currency or other currencies already.

While Riding your Unicorn on an Island on the clouds, Use Your Unused Disk Space, Post or Mine Adult Content to earn Coins in return – This is how the future looks like in adult entertainment

From having your very own Unicorn, which is based on an ERC-721 token, a unique, non-destroyable, non-fungible, upgradeable, one of a kind, souvenir like unique feature that ties together the whole experience on the ISLAND,  from UNICORNIA, which acts both as means of transportation around it and lets you earn more LEONS to buying, renting and customizing a piece of the real moon on MOON.LIVE – these are just some of the innovations that users will find in LEONS Ecosystem.

The unique build and progress of the LEONS, being developed as a unique structure of affiliate partners and sites with exclusive content, and virtual worlds combined, reveals a digital world of adventure, fun and mischief that turns adult entertainment into a real quest of what’s possible and how far you can go.

And now: KISSES for your #blockchain

After last month´s merger with another unique and interesting project KISSES COIN, LEONS seems now doubled in size and in potential. KISSES TECHNOLOGY (Group) s.r.o. (LLC equal, based in Prague an established company: started an ICO for their unique coin KISSES COIN ( with a very promising team and platform, already partly developed with many great concepts and ideas.  Right after the beginning of their ICO, “Leon Lambert” acquired the company and hired the whole team to work for LEONS only. And it didn’t stop there –two more great partners in the face of FrontCamToken ( with their PyGama Party app ( joined in to strengthen the new ecosystem of LEONS COIN.

Leon Lambert, Founder and CEO of Leon Lambert s.r.o. company, says about Leon´s Coin and LEONS Ecosystem that:

“..after all, LEONS is an electric roadster, a Lambo, a luxurious but affordable AI vehicle for your comfort in the coming years, when people will be taken by surprise by Horse Carriage Cars -today´s adult entertainment-, and think that is comfortable and nice as they move slowly while experiencing horse noises on rocky roads.”

LEONS sale starts on 12 March with many interesting offers, which has the potential to be the next big thing for many investors.

Check the website, for more information about the whole ecosystem, UNICORNIA, MOON.LIVE, The ISLAND, software, LEONS DEBIT CARD and LEONS ICO, Bounty and Affiliate programs.

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