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Forget the old banks – here comes the MoneyRebel revolution!

“Traditional brick & mortar banks should completely revamp their business models, but they don’t know how – this is where revolutionary banks and platforms like ours have the chance to step-up and offer a complete set of benefits for the consumers!” says Mitja Vezovisek, CEO and founder of one of the hottest new banking endeavors, the MoneyRebel Platform (LINK:

Banks are killing their consumers with fast-growing fees, while the sprouting of new banking and financial platforms shows that minimizing fees, or even paying customers to get on board is possible – while they, at the same time, offer completely new sets of services that focus on the customers and growth of their assets and satisfaction!

When was the last time you checked to see how many fees you pay to your bank on a monthly or annual basis? The fact is, that the fees have been growing like crazy, and among the wildest weer the overdraft and ATM fee. They are not usually limited by regulation, so banks only need to look at other banks and adjust accordingly. As such, it is usually in their common interest to up the fee, as the global economic trends currently don’t enable banks to earn a lot of money with interest rates. ATM withdrawal fees can even reach the average of about 5 USD in USA, and top banks make billions in these fees only!

Stop the fees from running wild with two-digit growth

Consumers, on the other hand, have become used to paying for everything regarding banking, and they don’t even check what the price of their banking services is. Hundreds of dollars or euros per year are spent just to maintain the accounts – the average being $ 158.88, according to the Checking Account Fee Survey, and banks have been known to make fat profits based on those. Just in 2017, the ATM fees were up by 10.7 percent, and monthly maintenance fees rose by 8 percent.

But what do the consumers really expect?

However, the fact is that times are changing, and banks should actually be looking into paying their customers to stay with them – as the customers are actually the ones that enable a certain bank’s existence!

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Consumers also do not want to put up with growing fees anymore – instead, they expect a modern bank to offer everything in one place, with a transparent and easily understandable business model. Not just a mobile financial app for accessing their banking services, but also virtual assistants, artificial intelligence in the background, and an occasional advice from a top-level financial advisor when needed; not to mention cryptocurrency services should be part of the package, too!

Revolution for people who don’t want to lose time or money

Therefore, a plethora of new banking incentives and services is arising from the creative fintech (short for financial technology) think-tanks that are looking into how to use the newest technology in order to conduct the oldest business in history – transfer of value from one person to another.

Among the new breed of financial institutions that want to provide extremely easy to use, multi-purpose and insightful new services, is the revolutionary new banking project called the MoneyRebel Platform. They have went a few steps further in order to differentiate from the already advanced trendy banking platforms and seem to really have thought of everything a person needs – without the high cost attached to options!

An extremely clever financial platform

MoneyRebel will soon be providing a highly developed artificial intelligence driven financial platform that will enable its users to transfer their traditional (fiat) and crypto money, as well as spend it with free credit cards, offer conversion and crypto buying services, personal highly secure crypto wallets, and a complete 360-degree personal financial portfolio overview. On top of all that, they will also provide functionalities for users to manage and grow their funds and investments overnight, as well as have handy robo and live advisors available real-time. All this with the power of artificial intelligence, developed in collaboration with one of the most advanced AI labs in the world – the Jozef Stefan Institute in Europe, that already previously worked with Bloomberg, NY Times, Microsoft, British Telecom and other market-leading companies. More …

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