FLUX announces the start of an open token sale on December 10th

FLUX announces the open token sale starting December 10th. FLUX is the first real gaming ecosystem based on blockchain technology with the aim to unite all stakeholders of the gaming industry – gamers, community-members, virtual game asset owners, bloggers, developers and investors. The team of FLUX creators includes professionals with deep practical experience in e-sports, game industry, digital television, media, blockchain technologies, and has an excellent practical understanding of market structure, consumer behavior, conversion attraction models.

During the pre-sale held from December 1st we have raised astonishing $2 million and closed the minimum cap. The team is thankful to each participant and is now ready to welcome everyone to the FLUX community.

FLUX is the first platform of its kind, and its economy assumes absolute transparency and absence of boundaries which provides new possibilities to monetize any game and activities around it thanks to the unique FLUX COIN token. FLUX, and its own token (FLUX) will be the main means of payment within the ecosystem. Each person who registered before December 10th receives a 35% token bonus. Moreover, if you invest more than $500k, a personal escrow plan called SICS (Special Investment Control System) will be applied to you. This plan is a strong insurance that funds attracted via an ICO are correctly used according to the initial agreements. According to it, the FLUX team will receive only 15% of the allotted budget and will then take partial payments from said budget during the development process. If the investor’s expectations are not met, they can withdraw the funds anytime. Thus, Investors can always keep their project investment process under control and make themselves safe from financial losses. It is highly important to notice that FLUX Token Sale provides the community with VISA/MC investments availability.

Our first milestone is to release a fully functional matchmaking platform based on Ethereum by the end of Q1 2018. Prior to this, FLUX will conduct the second and final token sale without bonuses, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to purchase tokens during the open sale with bonuses on December 10.

With the help of blockchain technology and smart contracts, the whole process becomes as transparent and automated as possible, which makes the platform a strong extension of the existing industry and enables the use of crypto currency in real business.

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