FLUX announces the release of MVP on Android

FLUX releases mobile MVP (Android is live, iOS coming). You will be able to take a sneak peak at how developer market will look like, and as well play in the way you did with CS:GO in a simple mobile game BANG, and participate in the same MVP bounty as for desktop app.

MVP: https://flux.games

FLUX, a global decentralized gaming ecosystem based on blockchain technology, announces the release of MVP on Android (the iOS version is on the way) that follows the desktop version released earlier. This is the first solution in the e-sports market that provides decentralized interaction of gamers, viewers and the platform itself. We offer an ecosystem that provides multi-level interactivity of the game process, as well as it gives players numerous new channels of monetization of cybersport achievements that are not available on existing platforms.

We believe that the most effective approach to product launch, and the best method of product validation, is to get the item into the hands of our customers and have them start to use it. Then make frequent, incremental improvements based on the feedback we solicit and receive. The MVP approach is based on the premise that we can provide sufficient customer value by delivering minimal features that early adopters will use. We can then collect feedback that will enable us to build a better product that will resonate with future users.

The FLUX team understands what problems the market needs to solve. The minimum viable product approach involves prioritizing product requirements to the point that they deliver core functionality to deal with the market problems.

We invite everyone to take part in the open token sale that is live until January 31. Note that FLUX supports smart investments with the help of personal escrow which allows investors to keep their project investment process under control and make themselves safe from financial losses. Each investor can withdraw 85% of their funds any time. Escrow is a strong insurance that funds attracted via an ICO are correctly used according to the initial agreements.

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