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First Global Credit Adds New Cash Prize Category to Trading Competition

The FANTASTIC FOUR TRADING Competition kicks off April 4, offering cash prizes to the best market traders in 4 categories.

By Marcie Terman, Communications Director, First Global Credit

March 23, 2016    Geneva / London / Hong Kong

First Global Credit announces the launch of a new bitcoin trading competition that will start on April 4th. The competition rewards the traders that can generate the most profit by using bitcoins as trading collateral in four different categories – the most profitable stock trader, the most profitable currency trader, the most profitable futures trader and the most profitable all around trader.

Each player is provided with a free account loaded with 100 competition bitcoins which are used as collateral to trade over 200 US and UK stocks, dozens of ETFs and futures contracts. The 100 competition bitcoins can also be traded against 4 fiat currencies.

At the end of the competition, each of the four winning players will receive a FREE live trading account that starts with enough bitcoin collateral to trade around $8,000 dollars or £5,700 sterling’s’ worth of stock or $1,600 worth of futures contracts as well as bitcoins against USD, GBP, EUR and CHF.

The live trading account is just the beginning. since the winning traders will be supported in building up a profitable trading portfolio where the amount of collateral increases in line with the amount of profit they achieve.

” The launch of futures bought a lot of new users to our trading platform” says First Global’s Communications Director Marcie Terman. “There new traders use index futures and markets like the VIX in a completely different way to those looking for opportunities in the stock markets. This is a rich field and we know that opening it up for people using digital currency as a method of value store continues to set First Global apart from our peers in the digital currency space.  And, of course, the competition is a great risk free way for people to get comfortable trading futures on the site with the added benefit of a cash prize.”

“Without a doubt, it is the cash prizes that drive the excitement around the competition,” states First Global Marketing Director Joe Belmonte, “That and the fact that the winners are on the inside track to join both the Private Trading Group and the Star Trader Tracker Program which will formally launch later this year,” continues Belmonte. “The Star Trader Program is something we are really excited about because it pairs the talents of profitable traders with people who hold bitcoins but may lack the skills to trade profitably on their own. This service will allow bitcoin holders to review live track records and use them to select traders to follow. When the Star Trader places a trade for his account, the person tracking them will have trades placed on their behalf at the same time. The follower gets the profit. The Star Trader will set a performance fee and get that when they deliver a return for their followers. This is a completely hands-free solution,” states Belmonte. “We know there are similar systems in the conventional trading community, but these generally require the trader to figure out how to apportion their trades. Our trading platform will handle this entirely for the trader and their trackers, deliver report and profits directly to everyone’s account.”

People interested in playing in the Fantastic Four competition can start a free practice account in advance and will then be ready to fully engage when the competition kicks off on Monday the 4th of April. “We will post the top 10 players in each category daily on Facebook and Twitter,” stated Belmonte. “We will also take questions and moderate a discussion on trading strategy during the competition on First Global Credit’s Facebook page.”

People interested in applying directly for the Star Trader Program need to start a live trading account and email to discuss program inclusion.

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First Global Credit:

First Global Credit is the world’s first Finance Company that brings the profit opportunities existing in mainstream markets within the reach of digital currency holders. With a presence in Geneva, London and Hong Kong, the company has been founded by risk management specialist Gavin Smith and Financial Data Security Company Director Marcie Terman. Smith and Terman head a team with over 35 years’ collective experience building and managing trading and back office systems for world-class trading companies and banks operating in London and Geneva.

The objective is to become a market leader in the Bitcoin Capital Market by providing services that accept bitcoin as a valuable asset that can be used to generate a return. We deliver these services with a focus on customer care not generally found in digital currency companies. First Global is committed to assisting our customers meet their financial objectives for their digital currency portfolios. Our systems are built using bank grade technology and security and are housed in Financial Grade Tier III Data Centres with failover capability. Our processes are designed to assure the privacy of our customers alongside the security of their assets.

Contact: Marcie D Terman

First Global Credit

UK Phone +44 7801258218

US Phone +1 646 5132713

First Global Credit Ltd.

145-157 St. Johns Street

London EC1V 4PY

United Kingdom

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