Ethereum Movie Venture ICO

Initial Coin Offering for EMV token starts soon


Ethereum and Ether in particular were delivering an amazing performance the last months. But what is more important is that the there is a growing Ethereum funded ecosystem. Those Ethereum
funded and based projects attract a lot of attention in the crypto-community. This is particularly noticeable on places like Referring to, Swiss Blockchain Solutions & aKenEvilthing announced their initial coin offering on their Ethereum Movie Venture token, which starts on March 20th.

As we have currently seen new all-time highs in Ethereum, the EMV project comes up with an Ethereum standardized ERC-20 token to share the profit on future movie outcomes. The project which already has accumulated funds from an early stage smart contract, is going to raise further Ether to connect our cryptocurrency to mainstream consumers. The ambition of the project is to show the movie consumers how easy and valuable it is to handle an etherwallet and Ethereum tokens.emv logo

The token, which also represents an ownership on the first Ethereum financed movie “The Pitts Circus Family‚Äú will be a voting and funding instrument for future funded indie-projects which could bring a boost to Ethereum`s publicity. Furthermore token-holders are shareholder of the movie and will receive dividends from movie profits until the year 2036. A few remaining EMV coins will be distributed to early bird ticket buyers to incentives the use of Ether and Ethereum tokens. Some of the partnership tokens will go to Filmfestivals to bring gatekeepers of the movie-industry on board. Later on, consumers will have to use EMV tokens to view the movie online or vote on upcoming Ethereum based indie movie projects. Ethereum Movie Venture tokens can be traded on etherDelta, and other exchanges after the token sale ends in May.

Like the Ethereum funding model from 2015 the Ethereum Movie Venture ICO starts with a discount price followed by a significant price increase later on, if the maximum funding goal is not reached in the early phase. We are excited to see another ambitious Ethereum project, which is going to fund Ether to support the development on the Ethereum Virtual Machine network. We are looking forward to get insights on ETH’s first movie and the future developments on Ethereum.

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