– Linking Ethereum With The World is the link between crypto-currency and international silver market, it is projected to grow into a large and decentralized platform for digital silver certificates trading. The platform offers a digital Token backed with real .999 physical silver to add a whole new level of security to modern crypto currency trading. Physical silver will be acquired, transported and kept with the highest levels of safety available.

With Link goal to be the choice number one among users wanting to invest in a backed crypto-currency: Link image has changed during this month, Link has evolved with a new image according to what they want to achieve, with these changes they want to provide a friendly invite to any user that is familiarized or not with blockchain technology.

“I believe that as we are developing in a fast changing environment as it is the blockchain space; there is the need of proyecting a renewed public image in order to reveal new changes the platform and team are developing, we’ll always do any needed step in order to stay at the top of our schedule.” -Alexander Dawson, Link Platform CTO.

Link aims to be a versatile platform built in Ethereum network where user can trade backed tokens with real .999 silver bars at the minimum fees possible due to its decentralized nature, the platform aims to add more assets once silver is stable in the market.

Among other changes, they have also announced an innovative Staking system that will reward physical silver to their owners, this is the first time a crypto-currency or Token creates a PoS network that rewards a physical good instead of the crypto-currency itself.
The Staking System will go live during this month and aims to provide a liquid market for every Token holder.Media Contacts:
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