ETH.TOWN Launched In-Game Items Pre-Sale on March 15

As at the time of writing, the ETH.TOWN community has grown to more than 6000 followers on Twitter, and nearly 5000 followers on Facebook. Published medium articles have also garnered a total of 3000 “claps” and an overall display of enthusiasm from the community. This show of support, as well as steady progress on gameplay development, has given the team confidence to move on to the next phase of the project. The ETH.TOWN team is pleased to announce that the Pre-Sale of in-game items will proceed as scheduled on March 15, 10 AM EST (2 PM GMT), accessible at  

Ether will be accepted in the purchase of the following categories of items/content: (i) Level-15 Star Heroes with an open auction, (ii) DAO Hacker’s Floor, (iii) Level-10 Characters and (iv) Custom Floor. The amount of all kinds of items for sale is limited.

The Level-10 characters are sold at 20-80% of what they are expected to cost after the launch. The price starts at 20% and will reach 80% by the end of the sale.

A bonus, personalised Character (based on pictures provided) will also be gifted to contributors who purchase five or more Level-10 Characters. More details on the items can be found at and sale/auction instructions can be found at Purchased items will be made available to buyers upon platform launch.

Notably, the Pre-Sale event will be an important milestone in the ETH.TOWN roadmap. This limited opportunity will be the first instance of gameplay interaction between individuals and the platform, with ownership rights of valuable in-game content transferred to supporting contributors. The team will also be utilising the Pre-Sale event as a key avenue of ETH.TOWN Investor Tokens (ETIT) distribution—every 1 Ether spent will entail a token bonus of 200 ETIT, which will be automatically and immediately sent to purchasers’ Ethereum Addresses.

The tokens (i) allow their holders to get a share from closed deals in the game, (ii) is the only accepted means of payment for special in-game items or content, (iii) cannot be bought directly but are rewarded through custom channels, distributing them to early supporters will help deepen rapport between the community and the platform/project team. The Investor Tokens are the in-game currency in ETH.TOWN, and they are designed to be very powerful.

As previously mentioned, Pre-Sale proceeds will be used primarily for advertising purposes, in a focused effort to increase the potential reach of the ETH.TOWN project. A large number of players will allow for more interactive gameplay, increase the stream of payouts to ETIT holders from the game and accelerate the implementation of future platform innovations.

Recent projects such as CryptoKitties and CryptoCountries have demonstrated the significant potential that blockchain based collectible/trading games hold. The team believes that ETH.TOWN will be a new, major player in this space, with its carefully curated concept/graphics/token design. In particular, the project will evolve to constantly incorporate new content, drawing inspiration from latest developments and trends in cryptocurrency and blockchain.     

More details about the ETH.TOWN project can be found at and

About ETH.TOWN: ETH.TOWN is a trading/strategy game developed on the Ethereum platform, which revolves around the purchase and sale of floors for certain crypto-companies in a crypto-business tower. It is developed by On5 Games Development Studio, a veteran mobile games developer which has worked with companies as such as Samsung, Atari, and EA.


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