EARTH Token Set to Disrupt Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry: ICO Presale Bonus Period Has Commenced

23rd November 2017, Mauritius – The EARTH Token and the blockchain based Natural Asset Exchange (NAE) are set to disrupt the multi-trillion dollar trade in natural assets and carbon mitigation products. The project is being launched by impactChoice, a company that has been providing the industry with digital carbon mitigation solutions since 2009.

The EARTH Token will be the native token on the NAE and will be used to tokenize the value of natural assets supplied to the exchange and to make them available for carbon mitigation and environmental sustainability trading.

The highly anticipated EARTH Token ICO Presale is currently underway offering 30% Bonus EARTH tokens until the main sale commences on the 24th of November, 2017 12:00 GMT.

The current market for natural assets is made up of demand-side buyers, predominantly corporations who buy natural assets or carbon credits to mitigate against their carbon footprint, and natural asset providers who supply the market with natural assets that are certified as providing a net positive towards environmental sustainability.

The current carbon mitigation market for both mandatory and voluntary offsets is in the tens of billions. Despite this, it is currently characterized as unsophisticated, as the trades happen across borders through a slew of middlemen resulting in only a fraction of the funds reaching their intended destination.

This market is ripe for disruption through modernization and the blockchain based Natural Asset Exchange is just the instrument that is needed to bring much-needed transparency, price discovery and accountability to the trade of natural assets. It is anticipated that the blockchain based NAE will rejuvenate a market which is hindered by high barriers to entry and open it up to new market participants both on the demand and supply side.  

New asset classes and environmental projects can be supported on the NAE, such as anti-poaching activities and broader environmentally sustainable activities. To better understand the impact the NAE can make in the market, learn about it first hand from one of the co-founders of impactChoice on his blog:

The NAE will result in a democratizing of the market for natural assets which mean it will no longer be the sole domain of large corporations. As new asset classes get loaded into the exchange, new buyers such as non-profits, communities, small businesses, and even individuals will be able to directly support remote environmental projects in a permissionless way and bypass middlemen, foreign exchange fees, and other current market inefficiencies.

EARTH token holders are set to see the value of their tokens appreciate as more economic activity takes place on the exchange as all trades will be settled in EARTH Token.

impactChoice is the parent company of the EARTH token and NAE. They have been providing software, hardware, and on-site fit-out solutions for the trade of carbon mitigation assets to the environmental sustainability industry since 2009. In April of 2017, impactChoice implemented a private permissioned blockchain solution which it offers to its clients and they will be tasked with building the Natural Asset Exchange which is scheduled to be operational in Q2 of 2018.

 “From 2009 it has been our mission to enable institutions and individuals alike, to minimize their impact on the environment – giving them the choice and the tools to act responsibly by providing them with simple solutions that allow them to achieve their environmental goals”, – Leonard Harley, Earth Token co-founder and Managing Director of impactChoice.

Kariba REDD+ and The Black Rhino Reserve Wildlife Trust will be inaugural natural asset partners at the launch of the Natural Asset Exchange with more partners anticipated to join the project at launch. Follow announcements here: Kariba Redd Updates

You can have your say in the future of the earth’s sustainability and be a part of the trade in natural assets that will help preserve our environment for future generations.

The EARTH Token (EARTH) Pre-Sale Token period is currently underway and is already receiving overwhelming response. The presale will continue till December 15, 2017 12:00 GMT.

The main sale starts right after that which goes on till 15 March 2018 12:00 GMT. However, EARTH has also confirmed no other changes in the product roadmap and NAE (Natural Asset Exchange) will be live at the end of the main sale, as previously committed.

Currently EARTH Tokens can be purchased at a rate of 5,200 EARTH Tokens for 0.04 BTC or 1 ETH which includes a 30% Bonus (base rate is 4,000 EARTH Tokens at 0.04 BTC or 1 ETH).

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