Earn Cryptocurrency With a Dating App

In 2018, in the first few days of June, the new mobile application Nimses literally took the 1st place in the number of downloads in the App Store, and it holds high positions in Google Play. Moreover, the number of users is growing at a tremendous rate even now. They are everywhere and, literally, around us. Do you want to earn money and meet Russian girls online? Then check the app for yourself.

What is Nimses?

So, Nimses is not just another social network. This is a single world system that saves the lived time of human life and allows people to earn money. In Nimses, every minute of life equates to one NIM. It accumulates on the individual balance in the nimbus. Each user can manage their NIMs using the free geolocation application Nimses.

How to make money?

Nimses Inc. is quite young. It is an algorithm for digitizing the lifetime of each registered user. There is not a single minute of a registered user’s life that is not reflected in the Nimses system as a NIM. Every minute, including during sleep, vacation, illness, or a trip around the world, the user receives one NIM. You can see your balance of NIMs in your nimbus – the total amount of NIMs will be displayed there. NIMs can be earned independentlyб or you can receive them from other registered users.

So, as you understand this social network has its own cryptocurrency, the so-called NIMs.

1 minute of life = 1 nim;

1 nim = $0.001;

1 day ~ $1, and 300 days = $300.

By the way, you can also earn money just posting photos and collecting “likes.” In fact, one “like” is equal to one NIM, and this is an additional profit. You can like the likes of others, and they will receive NIMs too. But even if you don’t use the application, anyway, Nimses will “pay” for each

minute of your life of “existence” on the network. The whole point is that when you are going to like someone else’s post, you already think about whether it is worth it. Will you collect more “likes” than you spend? Will your post be appreciated? Do you support informational “garbage” or something worthy? Thus, “likes” acquire meaning, which is not observed in other social networks. It is interesting that your “status” – the number of NIMs – is reflected in the “nimbus” shown on your photo.

This cryptocurrency accumulates in your account and can be spent on real services so that you can pay with them for different things all around the world. Since now the project is only taking the first steps, so far, it is possible to drink coffee in some cafes, for example.

Chatting with people within your geolocation

Another intriguing feature of this project is communication. You will be able to communicate with those who are in the area of 2 kilometers from you. That is, you will have new and unexpected online dating. However, maybe if people didn’t earn NIMs with the help of time and “likes,” then the concept of geolocation communication might fail. A user wouldn’t consider it necessary to download the application because the likelihood of finding someone at a distance of 2 km would be equal to a too small percentage. But anyway, it doesn’t matter how many users are around, as you earn money in any case. On the other hand, why is geolocation needed at all? Because the familiar circle of network friends will surely like your posts. And the more likes, the more money you get.

In Nimses, every minute can be interesting. For those who are worried about data security, geolocation is not a password from a bank account. So don’t panic – the program doesn’t collect any of your personal data, except for those that you yourself provide. However, it is better to download a good antivirus on your device.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release