DUCATUR system improves the work of freelance platforms

DUCATUR solutions allow to honestly and transparently resolve disputes which arise between the customer and the performer, if the work does not suite one of the parties.

Freelance platforms become extremely popular nowadays. There are  quite similar to a marketplace, but the main good that is sold there is labor force. However, with the development of freelance the problem of conflict resolution between parties becomes bigger and bigger.

DUCATUR framework helps to make the interaction of these parties  transparent and fair and reduces the time of conflict solution. The project claims that the only risk that you will run is enjoying working with DUCATUR too much.

In cases when the work does not suit the client DUCATUR’s framework finds suitable experts and starts an arbitration process. The judges that resolve the dispute are selected through mathematical algorithms that analyze their reputation, their sphere of competence and specific jurisdiction. These experts carry out a fair and independent arbitration: they can’t be bribed as the are selected randomly and are not acquainted, also they are motivated to achieve a fair result to increase their own rating. After the analysis of the work done by a freelancer or the quality of the product sold, the result is announced and the dispute is resolved within several hours.

Ducatur is a framework that allows you to create oracles for reliable data exchange between the interacting participants on the blockchain. That would be a system in which you always trust the received data and which provides a reliable connection between the blockchain and external information. Joining Whitelist till 1 May, users can get +15% bonus for purchasing DUCAT tokens.

White paper: https://ducatur.com/static/ducatur-whitepaper.pdf?utm_source=http%3A%2F%2Fbtcmanager.com%2F&utm_medium=DUCATUR%20system%20improves%20the%20work%20of%20freelance%20platforms

Website: https://ducatur.com/?utm_source=http%3A%2F%2Fbtcmanager.com%2F&utm_medium=DUCATUR%20system%20improves%20the%20work%20of%20freelance%20platforms

Onepager: https://ducatur.com/static/ducatur-onepager.pdf?utm_source=http%3A%2F%2Fbtcmanager.com%2F&utm_medium=DUCATUR%20system%20improves%20the%20work%20of%20freelance%20platforms

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