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DOT Drops Below $6 As Google Search “AI” Reaches 5-Year Peak! What’s In Store For and Raboo?

The top crypto coins are in a fix on how to deal with Bitcoin’s decline, as the BTC dominance is influencing the rest of the market negatively. Polkadot (DOT) is significantly down this month, losing 25% of its value, even while AI tokens like (FET) are surging upwards.

Raboo ($RABT) is a quiet alternative to the current DeFi coins, considering the overall price depression. The token is drawing interest from within and outside of the meme market, as its AI integration makes Raboo a top pick for short-term and long-term investment.

More on the AI situation in a bit.

DOT‘s losses intensify with Bitcoin’s drop

The relationship between Polkadot and Bitcoin isn’t all too clear, but most of the time, the DOT price needs Bitcoin to make remarkable price movements. As Bitcoin lost its $65,000 support, Polkadot went below $6 after previously holding onto support levels above the mark.

Several market metrics support a bearish future for the

DOT price, at least in the short run. The Open Interest is significantly lower now than at the start of the month, as more users have closed their long positions on DOT markets. Funding rates were up for a while, as some long positions were shut down for more short-term contracts. However, they have started to decline too.

Now, several analysts think that if Bitcoin loses its $60,000 support, tokens like

Polkadot could slump to as low as $4.8. Amid the struggles, some traders are optimistic about the DOT price; maybe buying the dip could help restore DOT‘s value. keeps the AI momentum going

NVIDIA’s exploits in the economic sector have been reflecting positively on AI crypto tokens like The GPU manufacturing company has surpassed Apple and Microsoft as the world’s most valuable company.

AI solutions and the recent demand for more

AI integration in most aspects of life have brought a new outlook to the NVIDIA outfit. and its AI token counterparts were also predicted to hit similar highs this year. Now, with NVIDIA nudging them, we could see them become the most important coins this year. has increased 16% since the news on NVIDIA. There’s a 50% rally expected on the price, and analysts think has even more than that up its sleeve this year.

Could AI be the future of crypto trading? Definitely, and that’s why Raboo is featuring some AI tools of its own. The project is more than just memes; Raboo is a guarantee for the future. 

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Get memes and more with Raboo

Bloomberg Intelligence forecasts the generative AI sector to be worth about a trillion dollars by 2030. There’s enormous potential in the sector, and Raboo has its sights set on becoming a key player there soon.

This is a major reason why the Raboo project is so concerned with the state of memes in the crypto market. Quality memes are hard to come by, with irregularities dominating the meme world.

With its Rabooscan software, Raboo intends to include its members in the meme creation process. They post content on their social media pages through the Post-to-earn feature on the platform, and Rabooscan collects the posts and produces memes from them.

And no, you won’t be getting tacky memes from Raboo, either. The project has a vision to see even more meme enthusiasts join the Raboo-verse over time, so there will be no shortage of content to convert into memes. Of course, with humans at the distribution end, there are enough checks to ensure only the best memes make it out of Raboo.

There are token rewards for the members who contribute to Raboo’s meme creation. The developers set a 135-million-token pool aside for incentivizing your efforts in creating memes.


Meme coins might not be the best place to stash all your assets, but Raboo is one meme coin with so much potential. It’s got a foot in memes and the other in AI prospects, and you’re for long-term profits here.

The presale has swiftly enhanced into Stage 4, $RABT coins are currently priced at $0.0048 each, 60% up from its initial entry price of $0.003, Raboo is expected to 100x when it is launched on exchanges. An opportunity not to be missed this year!

You can participate in the Raboo presale here:



Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.

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