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Dimpay – The Future Of Decentralized Cryptocurrency Payment

DIMPAY- What is it?

DIMPAY is a decentralized payment system that was developed on the NEM blockchain. The implementation of such technology makes the platform affordable, instantaneous, transparent and it eliminates the use of third party ledgers. Such platform is a propitious environment in which peer to peer, business to business, consumer to business and business to consumer transactions can take place.

This platform can be accessed from any location in the world, and due to its NEM protocol, is one of the most secure methods for online payments that currently exists.

What is the DIM Ecosystem?

DIMPAY is the newly developed part in the DIM Ecosystem that concerns itself with sales, fintech services and e-commerce. DIMPAY is formed from DEPOTWALLET, its mobile counterpart and the DIM Debit Card. The DIM Ecosystem is dependent on two other parts: the HYBRID Stock Exchange (HYBSE) and WISE Consulting Ltd.

HYBSE is a blockchain based financial platform used for making stock exchanges which will enable users from small and medium businesses (SME’s) to seek and use world-wide capital resources.

WISE Consulting Ltd. operates as an internal exchange bureau for the DIM Ecosystem, and it has the duty of withdrawing funds into the user’s Business Account, and then arrange for them to be transferred into the user’s bank account. It facilitates the exchange from fiat currencies into DIM currencies and cryptocurrencies, and it also cryptonizes assets.


The web app that is a digitized version of a wallet, DEPOTWALLET, enables its owner to sell, buy, hold and administer his virtual finances and assets.

The mobile version of the web app will be available at first as a beta version, which after the testing phase will remain to have its security upgraded and software updated.

DIM Debit Card

The debit card will be useful in converting DIMCOINS and cryptocurrencies from the user’s DEPOTWALLET account into DIM currencies, which can be further used to purchase goods and services from either an online environment or a conventional store.

Private Account

The owner of such account will be able to monitor and manage his digital finances and assets from his DEPOTWALLET. With the DIM Credit Card, payments can be made anywhere and at any time, thus eliminating the carrying of actual money.

With the Private Account one can:

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  • view and administer the funds and cryptonized assets in the DEPOTWALLET
  • receive guarantees (such as those issued by the bank to a creditor)
  • execute direct debit procedures (creditors deduct the amount directly from the DEPOTWALLET account)
  • make everyday transactions such like sending remittance
  • make an order for recurring payments such as rent and insurance
  • engage in point of point of sales payments
  • engage in carrier payments

Business Account

The Business Account was specifically developed for the financial needs of those invested in the world of finance. This account can be used as a way to monitor and organize finances and assets. The user is the only one who has the authority to manage their customer’s shopping and checkout history. Notifications will be received when payments will be made and when the funds have been credited to the Business Account. The multitude of billing methods will attract many users from various businesses.

The advantages for using this account are:

  • Making salary payments
  • Making expense payments
  • Verifying the balance and funds available in the account
  • Tracking the income and expenditure from the account
  • Creating an invoice
  • State the current financial positions (such as balance sheet, cash flow)
  • Receiving invoice status updates

More about DIMPAY’s ICO

For the total fruition of the DIMPAY project to occur, more financing is needed. DIM TOKEN and cryptocurrency owners have the occasion of helping to fully integrate DIMPAY into the DIM Ecosystem. The ICO campaign will have the task of raising the needed funds. As a side effect, the value of DIMCOIN might increase.

The launch date will be on the 7th of December and it will continue up until the 18th of December.

The maximum target that hopes to be reached is that of 1,500 BTC (Bitcoin). The purchasing minimum limit is set to 1 DIMCOIN and there is no maximum purchase limit.

The allowed currencies will be Bitcoin, Ethereum and NEM.

There are bonuses available in certain periods of the event:

  • 25%(35% for those using NEM cryptocurrency) date: 4-6 December
  • 10%(20% for those using NEM cryptocurrency) date: 7-12 December
  • 5%(15% for those using NEM cryptocurrency) date: 13-18 December

Once the ICO ends, the funds will be redistributed to the development of certain areas of the DIMPAY system. These areas are: marketing, which will get 30%, software development and engineering that will get 25%, structure development, with also 25%, legal & compliance will get 10% and so will operational & administration.

DIMPAY, in its efforts for betterment, will start this coin offering for improvement in the financial sector, which will most likely lead to a growth in its popularity.

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