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Dether Releases White Paper Promising to Change the Future of Ethereum Mass Adoption

Paris, France September 16, 2017—Dether, the world’s first mobile Dapp allowing anyone to trade ether for cash and spend it at physical stores, announced today the release of their white paper.

Dether is a decentralized application, available on any smartphone, that allows people all across the globe to buy or trade ether without a bank account, credit or debit card. In an effort to foster Ethereum mass adoption, Dether makes the process of obtaining or trading ether quicker, easier and accessible to anyone.

“Presenting Dether’s city-based, go-to-market strategy”

This white paper first underlines the current and future issues faced by billions of individuals at a moment in history when Ethereum adoption, and more globally, blockchain technology adoption, is more than a buzzword.

The core principles of Dether’s decentralized mobile application are detailed, as well as its adequate features to make it a worldwide success. The white paper also details the use of the ÐTR token, which will be used to construct the Dether ecosystem.

A market study is presented, whose conclusions stress the time to market accuracy, along with a presentation of the market to be addressed and its targets (from early adopters, to the late majority). The white paper also highlights Dether’s city-based, go-to-market strategy.

“Lay out our vision before releasing Dether’s alpha”

“We are very excited to release this white paper to the broader cryptocurrency community,” said Hamid Benyahia, Dether co-founder. “The Dether team has been working hard for months to build Dether’s alpha version, which will be released very soon. But before we release Dether’s alpha, we wanted to take some time through this white paper to lay out our vision and our roadmap and to give you more details about how Dether is going to be built in order to be a fully decentralized solution available anywhere, anytime.”

“Dether is the missing link between the benefits of the Ethereum blockchain and the process of obtaining ether,” said Mehdi Amari, Dether co-founder. “The white paper explains why current financial climates, a growing interest in cryptocurrency and a desire for decentralization has made this the ideal time to release Dether, and why we’re confident that it’s going to revolutionize Ethereum mass adoption.”

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Dether’s white paper can be obtained by clicking on the link below:

About Dether:

White paper:

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