DeskBell Chain – the First Free Technological Complex for the Hotel Industry

Today, hotels all over the world differ from each other not only in class or in the number of stars: many of them have particular specifics. Business, resort, boutique, spa hotels, chalets, lodges – this is not the whole list. Perhaps, the most important thing which unites them is the desire to make their guests stay the most comfortable, while having a high profit and minimal expenses. In the nearest future, it will become even easier to achieve these goals, observing a reasonable balance between them. The hoteliers should only pay attention to the free technological complex for the hotel industry – DeskBell Chain.

DeskBell Chain really can be called innovative. Applying traditional mechanisms of targeting geolocation-related advertising, the project presents an absolutely new model of interaction between business and clients in the sphere of tourism. Hotels and their guests, nearby establishments and local business form a unified system of mutual exchange of offers and events. At the same time, the usual mechanisms of marketing programs and services will be replaced by motivated participation of all parties and the socialization of the service. DBT tokens are the internal currency of the DeskBell service, and will be the motivating reward for participating in the system and completing any tasks. How does it work?

DeskBell service connects tourists with the hotels and with any object of tourism in the future. This will make it possible to use the service not only as a global marketplace for goods and services, but also as a distribution center for targeted information (local advertisements, information about the hotel itself, the surrounding area, prices and offers) and interactive events (assignments from both the hotel and the tourist business). Imagine: a local nightclub is a customer that offers several tasks to complete: to read an information message and respond to it, visit the nearest event and make a brief photo report from that event. Then, the customer determines where and how the announcement will be distributed and what the terms of the reward are. The tourist, in his turn, chooses something that is easier or more interesting for him, completes the task and, as a result, receives a reward – DBT tokens.

DeskBell Chain, based on the geolocation database of the DeskBell service, will use the hotels as nodes to distribute the promotion programs. In the future, any tourism objects registered in the system will serve as nodes and become participants of the ecosystem. Moreover, any person can be the customer, as well as the hotels and tourism business in the region of distribution.

By the time of release, several promotion programs will be presented to DeskBell Chain. Firstly, it’s a targeted ad system. Here, the motivational part of the tokens will be distributed between the user’s hotel, places where the ad will be shown, and users who completed the task. Secondly – a motivated replenishment of the base content. In other words, tourists will be asked to fill in the information about places of interest, objects of tourism and the hotel in order to get a reward. At the same time, according to the developers, their main goal is to scale the DeskBell service and increase the convenience of services in hotels.

Obviously, the model offered by DeskBell Chain is convenient and beneficial for all its participants. The hotels, nearest restaurants, theaters, museums, clubs, etc. can not only reduce advertising costs and simplify interaction with customers, but also increase their average check by offering additional services. Moreover, DeskBell Chain will allow them to motivate partners for mutual promotion and create personalized offers for different groups of users. The tourists, in addition to tokens remuneration, will receive favorable discounts and offers. The received tokens can be used as means of payment from any partner participating in the DeskBell Chain system.

The complex, represented by the DeskBell service, may not be so familiar for all its potential users so far. But there are advantages that it offers, which are absolutely free of charge and keep your attention on exploring and mastering it. Moreover, there is no doubt that this model of interaction between business and clients in tourism will harmoniously fit into the hotel business system and significantly improve it.

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