Decentralized Comedy Content Platform ComedyPlay to Empower the Comedy Genre in the 21st Century

Decentralized comedy content platform,ComedyPlay, is leveraging the Ethereum blockchain to keep the art of comedy free from stifling centralized powers and allow upcoming creators to monetize their work in a revolutionary way.

May 10th, 2018, Port Louis, MauritiusDue to the majority of internet content being ‘free’, web-surfers are often passive consumers of digital content, supporting content creators with clicks and views which convert themselves into poorly-paid advertising revenue dollars is the industry norm.

Comedy is one of the genres of web content that is treasured by societies all over the world, and it is also one of the hardest to monetize. Social media platforms are the number one way to distribute comedy content, but the majority of revenue earned tends to go toward maintaining those platforms as part of the overhead costs, and whatever is left for the content creators is disproportionate to what viral and financial draw they generated.

It’s about time consumers were empowered enough to back their favourite comedians directly and, it’s about time content creators are fairly rewarded for their hard efforts. Thanks to the Ethereum blockchain, this is now possible.

ComedyPlay is an Ethereum-based platform that is free, open and designed to monetize comedy content with its proprietary crypto-token called Comedycoin (CCP). Users of the platform can search, stream free or paid content, as well as post their own original content; pay-per-view content will also be available from comedy industry partners (films or series).

ComedyPlay Platform Features

Content sharing

Users have the freedom to post their content, and are encouraged greatly by the platform to engage their audiences, build a strong relationship with followers and create trending content. Users can also mark pieces of content as favourites for re-viewing at a later date.

Freemium Access and the Upvote System

Unless the content is provided from external sources, access to all the content is entirely free and can be upvoted by members if the ComedyPlay platform, the highest ranked comedy posts are instantly rewarded with CCP tokens. Users can also subscribe to pre-paid comedy channels such as Audio/FM comedy channels, podcasts, films and TV series.

Community Reviews

Users can flag ‘not comedy’ content and aid the wider community to filter out unrelated content. Upon review, flagged content may be removed should it be found to be inappropriate. The most active and accurate of ‘flaggers’ will also be rewarded with CCP tokens for their positive contribution to the community.

Format Filter, Search & Other Features

There are multiple filters available for users to apply to aid them in their quest for comedy content, be it photos, GIFs, memes, videos, text-based and so on. Content is also searchable, and the platforms API will also allow for seamless integration of social media accounts.

The platform will engage users through two types of user feed: MyComedyPlay Personal and MyComedyPlay Social. Firstly, the personal feed will display content posts from user contacts in their network; these posts serve as traditional ‘statuses’. Secondly, the Social upgrades user content feeds with access to a global comedy feed while retaining the essential features of the personal feed.

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