Dash Hydra vs Verge Wraith Tanks? Let’s settle This Like Men: In Space.

LaserChain, a beautifully intricate and addictive strategy war game announced open beta May 30th. Combining proof of play with satisfying action and diverse gameplay mechanics, this team is exceeding expectations across the board. The mobile gaming industry hit 50 billion USD last year. By creating a capped coin, the in-game currency becomes a viable store of value. Using WAVES/DEX platform for token generation and trade, they created a hybrid model that utilizes the pros of a centralized gaming experience (fast bug fixes, no transfer fees for in-game coin use) while making use of the blockchain for trade, as token value will fluctuate with in-game demands.

The team consists of War Game industry veterans. Many of them shared time at Kabam, and bring diverse individual involvement from Sony, Disney, Zynga, Gree and other gaming powerhouses. The quality of this beta is indicative of both their personal love for game experiences and the reliable professionalism necessary to bring a game to mass adoption.

May 30th’s free-to-play open beta includes a limited sale of LaserChain tokens to jump start the distribution and give players an opportunity to support the project. The bulk of coins are reserved for proof-of-play, meaning they are rewarded for quests, mining with laser generators (with bonuses as your cache grows), and combat. LaserChain’s combat boasts an impressive range of robotic units, all of them are cleverly named nods to the big hitters in crypto culture. Stellar Fighter’s are out for blood. Dash Hydra vs Verge Wraith Tank. Go big. No. Bigger. Take your shill out of the trollbox to where it belongs: past the moon into the deepest recesses of the universe.

Visit our website for white paper and game beta: https://laserchain.io

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