Darling Brew Partners with impactChoice to become Africa’s First Carbon Neutral Brewery

Darling Brew reaches yet another major milestone in their sustainability journey by partnering with impactChoice to offset emissions across all their production lines.

28 April 2018, Isle of Man – impactChoice, the company behind EARTH Token and the Natural Asset Exchange today announced yet another customer success, as Darling Brew becomes Africa’s first sustainable craft brewery to achieve operational carbon neutrality, launching Africa’s first line of carbon-neutral beers.

Darling Brew’s entire production emissions (Scope 1 & 2) are being offset, together with upstream emissions associated with the production of packaging materials used by the Brewery and downstream potential landfill waste-related emissions linked to the disposal of the Brewery’s packaging products. This equates to 687.96 tonnes of CO2 being offset over the next year of production, which is equivalent to the amount of CO2 sequestrated by over 17,000 tree seedlings in their first 10 years, and that is just the first year’s projection.

“It’s not about doing what we like with our operations and just offsetting our impact,” says Kevin Wood, owner and founder of Darling Brew, “It’s about our commitment to continuously be reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible whilst using the offsetting process as a way of further redressing our impact.”

The unique carbon mitigation solution provided by impactChoice enables Darling Brew to apportion carbon emissions associated with the brewing process of each individual product line-item and then mitigate these through the purchase of certified Carbon Credits.

“Our journey with Darling Brew began in 2016, working to mitigate emissions associated with one product line, so it is extremely gratifying to see them reach their goal of extending this across their entire operation and whole range of beers,” says Allan Saunders, Managing Director, impactChoice, Isle of Man, “They stand head and shoulders amongst their peers when it comes to reducing negative impact on our environment. We look forward to working with Darling Brew as we broaden our horizons to protect all the Earth’s Natural Assets with EARTH Token and the Natural Asset Exchange (NAE),” he continued.

In addition to carbon offsetting, Darling Brew is working to reduce their water and energy consumption, waste to landfill percentage alongside also implementing a series of sustainability initiatives in their brewery, including water efficient fittings, waterless urinals, ongoing recycling and food waste management and the use of upcycled furniture and recycled wood in the brewery.

“We are excited to progress on this journey,” says Kevin Wood. “going carbon neutral is a massive step for us, but certainly not the last.”

The financial benefits of the Carbon Credit purchases will be received by Kariba REDD+, one of the world’s largest ongoing conservation projects, covering some 785,000 hectares of prime forest around Lake Kariba in northern Zimbabwe that sequesters more than 5.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year that works with local communities, offering them a range of sustainable conservation and farming alternatives such as beekeeping, tree cultivation, and low impact brick making.

About Darling Brew

Darling Brew is one of South Africa’s first well established and award-winning microbreweries, in operation since 2010. They brew a wide range of great craft beers that are loved for their flavour, high-quality ingredients, and slow brewing process. Each beer in the range has unique characteristics and an inspiring story dedicated to the endangered creature it honours and supports through various conservation programs.

Darling Brew is available across South Africa in bottles and available on tap at approved outlets. Five Litre (5l) party kegs are also available from selected distributors. Their range represents great value for money, superior quality, excellent taste and a magical experience.

About impactChoice

impactChoice is a leading provider of environmental sustainability solutions. The impactChoice Natural Asset Exchange (NAE) blockchain platform and EARTH Token (EARTH) creates a unique opportunity to invigorate the Natural Asset Market and enable all stakeholders in the value chain to participate. Transforming Environmental Sustainability from a financial burden to a business incentive by finally providing all contributors with tangible assets that will appreciate in value as the market grows.

Visit https://earth-token.com/ for more information on the EARTH Token project.

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