Darico Commits To Integration With The Bancor Network

In a important move that will help Darico maintain the liquidity of Darico Ecosystem Coins, the gateway to cryptocurrency investment has committed to integrating with the Bancor Network.

Bancor is a decentralized liquidity network that uses Smart TokensTM to automatically buy and sell connected cryptocurrencies, therefore providing them with continuous liquidity.

As a connected token, Darico Ecosystem Coins will benefit enormously from the liquidity provided by Bancor, helping to reduce volatility and enabling holders to move towards the use of the coins as a currency of everyday exchange.

Building an ecosystem

The commitment to integrate with the Bancor Network after completion of a successful ICO, comes soon after the launch of the Darico Wallet, the first part of the Darico Ecosystem to go live.

The Darico team is continuing to work on the Darico Terminal, a unique communications hub and exchange that will become the heart of the Ecosystem, providing coin holders with all the information they need to invest in cryptocurrencies with confidence.

“Integration into the Bancor Network is a valuable step for Darico and we’re excited to be able to extend our offering to the Bancor Community” said Mojtaba Asadian, CEO and Founder of Darico.

“The Bancor Network is both innovative and ingenious, using smart contracts built into its Smart Tokens to automatically buy and sell connected tokens in order to maintain their liquidity.

“By ensuring liquidity, Darico Ecosystem Coin holders will be able to trade with confidence, knowing that the coins will always be available to buy and sell.

“Similarly, continuous liquidity will help holders use their coins in everyday transactions because retailers will know that they’ll always be able to exchange them for other coins. In itself, this will help boost uptake of the Darico Debit Card, another important element of the Darico Ecosystem.”

Darico will integrate with the Bancor Network following the successful completion of its ICO. With a lively, engaged and growing community as well as superb news like this, it’s clear that  Darico is looking forward to a very successful future.

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