DARFChain is Entering the Pre-ICO Stage on August 1st

We are pleased to announce that the Russian start-up DARFChain is entering the pre-ICO stage on August 1, 2017 on the Waves platform.

Distributed Accounting, Resource and Financial system in blockChain (DARFChain) is a unique distributed system of accounting, financial and resource accounting, which is compatible with all major ERP-systems, where blockchain technologies are used for distributed, trusted, unchanged storage of accounting data and access.Currently, ERP-system on the blockchain is an essential element for the revolution in digital crowdfunding

Fundraising through initial coin offering (ICO, token selling) has become a new, promising way of obtaining financing for start-ups, enterprises and cooperatives. The amount of funds raised through ICO in 2017 is approaching $ 1 billion, which suggests a new boom in the investment market, when inefficient intermediaries in the form of banks and investment funds are excluded from the process.

Today, on the wave of ICO boom, the number of failed and simply fraudulent projects is growing rapidly. Most scandal scam coins are: OneCoin https://www.onecoin.eu, s-coin http://coinspace.com/, coinsnack http://www.profvest.com/2017/04/coinsnack-otzivi-obzor.html, mincoin https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/mincoin/, cloudcoin https://cloudcoin.ru/ .

The latest decisions of the US Securities and Exchange  Commission note the insecurity of investing crowd investors because the team does not have any legal obligations to use the funds received. At the same time, in the absence of mechanisms for accounting and distributed control, the future legal protection of ICO-investors seems even theoretically extremely difficult both in country jurisdictions and in the context of international law.

It is here that DARFChain comes to the rescue. Integrating the advantages of ERP systems and blockchain technologies creates new business opportunities: distributed, unmutable, trusted accounting with financial accounting, CRM systems and project management and multi-dimensional OLAP analytics.  With it, crowd investors will have an opportunity to follow directly the implementation of the invested project. As a result, all ICO participants – entrepreneurs, investors and future consumers of products or services of the project – have their own benefits, and the level of mutual trust increases being provided with the necessary level of distributed control.

In the Russian Forbes of 6/6/2017, in the article “Putin and the blockchain: how to develop the digital economy”, the DARFChain project is noted as an indispensable part of the mosaic of the future digital economy – after all, it gives an opportunity in the future to withdraw 100% of the share capital of any legal company into a blockchain and transfer to public or partially public metrics of business using ERP-systems in the blockchain.

In the long term, the project is aimed at supporting the ecosystem of interchange of tokens by enterprises producing specific products or services. One of the pioneers of the digital economy in Russia, M.Shlyapnikov, a Moscow farmer, known for including the release of his digital currency “colion”, speaks about the need for such an ecosystem, for example, in his interviews. Founders of the start-up DARFChain visionary, serial IT entrepreneur Stanislav Taktaev and economist, philosopher, director of the Institute for Social and Economic Modernization Konstantin Bakulev call this economy of the future “tokenomy.” Here, the ERP-system provides distributed multi-toned accounting using block libraries as a transport medium and an unchanged storage environment.

With their help, trade transactions are optimized, including with the participation of other tokens, issued for real production support and traded on exchanges. And the built-in visual designer of semantic smart contracts will allow to automate inter-system exchange and execution of transactions, and it is also convenient to set up the deposit management of investor and buyer funds in accordance with the results of the ICO roadmap. A cooperative movement would be one of the legal mechanisms for triggering a tokenomy existing in the world. Thus, this will solve the acute problem of monetary deficit for local economies, not only in Russia, but throughout the world.

During the pre-ICO, the DARF token will be sold at a preferential price of 4,000 to 5,000 Satoshi. The assets received for the pre-ICO will be used to advance the project, as well as to debug the DARFChain prototype. This prototype will be used to control the work of the DARFChain project by the crowdinvestors when DARFChain come to the ICO in October 2017.

Attention! The first version of our ERP-system on the Waves blockchain using Bigchaindb is already built and in the coming days will be laid out for testing – do not miss it! Follow our updates here:

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of any The Merkle employees. This is not investment or trading advice, always do your own independent research.