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CryptoWoo adds more features to their plugin & integrates BlackCoin payments

Berlin, March 30, 2016CryptoWoo – the cryptocurrency payment plugin for WooCommerce online stores – is adding native support for BlackCoin plus other great features and enhancements.

From the beginning, CryptoWoo has supported three digital currencies, namely Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin, and it comes with an array of features to help give the merchant and consumer a seamless check-out process with its flexible settings.

The plugin already includes: a secure API, Shapeshift integration, a live exchange rate feed supporting mutliple providers, payment forwarding, accelerated payment processing via transaction confidence metrics and a vast array of options to adapt the checkout process to the individual needs of each merchant.

While the main plugin is set to accept Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin payments, we are now pleased to add BlackCoin to the group of primary coins with native support, through our HD Wallet add-on.

Additionally, numerous other altcoins can be accepted through CryptoWoo’s Shapeshift integration, which allows the customer to pay in any currency supported by Shapeshift, and the merchant to get paid in any of the four natively supported currencies.

Rather than charging a fee on each transaction CryptoWoo instead charges a small yearly fee for the license which includes support and updates as they are added.

Built with a focus on privacy and flexibility, one of the plugin’s benefits is that it gives the store-owner more control over the checkout process, as well as their own and the consumers’ data.

With today’s release, the plugin enables merchants to be completely independent from third parties by using the CryptoWoo HD wallet add-on in combination with the newly implemented support for the Insight API, Bitpay’s open source block explorer.

This gives merchants the ability to have their own direct connection to the coin’s network while still retaining the security benefits of a HD wallet.

The decision to introduce BlackCoin as a natively supported currency was taken for a number of positive attributes, but mainly because it is an altcoin that actually gets used for purchasing. That consideration is naturally paramount as we exist to serve the needs of our merchant clientele.

The first altcoin to successfully go fully proof-of-stake, and now two years out from its date of inception, BlackCoin is a well-established leader and traded actively across all major altcoin exchanges.

Further, it has continued to make outstanding contributions to the development of the PoS protocol. BlackCoin released significant security and other improvements in its PoS 2.0 release, and yet again with the PoS 3.0 hard fork in October 2015.

Related Post which allows consumers to buy on Amazon at a discount reported that in February 2016 BlackCoin was the most utilized altcoin on their platform.

With its comparatively low exchange rate volatility BlackCoin has also thrived as a store of value. It has a wide user base and a robust, active community. It was one of the first altcoins to be added to and is almost invariably among the regular ‘pantheon’ of top alts included on other emerging 3rd party platforms.

It has attracted a highly active 3rd party developer base, among them:

• The Black Chamber who released an anon wallet for BlackCoin and is currently working on extending that to decentralized markets.

• Obsidian CryptoVault which provides a web wallet and other utilities, is currently working on wearables and IoT.

• BlackHalo, a full-featured smart-contracting client with decentralized escrow.

With CryptoWoo enabling BlackCoin merchants to accept payments sans middleman, both CryptoWoo and BlackCoin are excited about the new opportunities.

There will be continuing updates and new features added to the plugin throughout the year which are included in the yearly license fee of $34 for a single store license, $49 for a multi store and $99 for the premium license.

About CryptoWoo

CryptoWoo is the brainchild of Felix Stein a 29 year old digital currency enthusiast from Berlin, Germany who has a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Applied Sciences Mainz. He has experience in various areas of different industries from freelance event management and online marketing to being a sales manager at Sum-up Payments Ltd.

About BlackCoin

The world’s first 100% Proof-of-Stake digital currency, continuously paving the way forward with its advanced protocol improvements and a wide array of innovative tools for the end-user, including BlackHalo for decentralised escrow transactions, privacy wallet ‘Obsidian’ with custom stealth addresses, and more. For additional information, please visit –

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