Cryptomarket Is Anxious Of What Cryptocean Has To Offer

May 15th of 2018 was yet another great day for the cryptocurrency world as crypto-traders, investors and enthusiasts await the Initial Coin Offering or ICO of Cryptocean. Founder and CEO of Cryptocean, Yury Myshinsky, who is well experienced at starting companies related to the information technology is very anxious as well for the project’s launch. He also assembled a Cryptocean Teamwhom are experts in the field of IT, blockchain technology, finance and business as project participants and advisers to make the success of Cryptocean certain.

Cryptocean makes use of a platform which utilizes the combinations of digital financial assets, cryptocurrencies and technological services working together in an effective legal and secure environment. The Cryptocean platform also guarantees its compliance with the legislation of KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering). With such objectives set as priorities, compared to other cryptocurrencies, a lot are expecting that Cryptocean will be a mainstream cryptocurrency soon after its ICO, safely navigating the waters of the crypto universe, fiat and the traditional financial system.

The main mission of the Cryptocean project is the integration of the traditional financial system to the cryptocurrency platform. This is to be achieved by developing a digital ecosystem which combines financial services with fintech services on legal standards. This would effectively provide good service to the needs of various businesses as well as individuals all over the world.

Cryptocean offers various functions and features which they say is most certain to entice not only investors and traders but a big margin of the consumer market as well. People who would like to make their daily tasks less tedious would find Cryptocean a valuable platform. These tasks and undertakings are not only relative to trade and finance but casual payments for services and goods as well which happens in our daily lives.

The Cryptocean platform offers the following services:

  • Crypto Cards – virtual and actual plastic cards linked to a crypto-wallet for fiat and crypto transactions
  • Escrow – for guaranteed cryptocurrency payments
  • Crypto Accounts – multi-cryptocurrency and fiat wallets
  • P2P Deals – guarantees assets exchanges by use of Escrow and Smart Accounts
  • Conversions – immediate conversions of cryptocurrencies to fiat or vice versa with minimal commission rates
  • Automatic Payments – scheduling of payments either in cryptocurrency or fiat
  • Transfers – efficient multi-currency transfers
  • Payments – payment of goods and services using Crypto Cards or fiat

The Cryptocean White Paperis a 65 page manuscript which is well detailed but easier to understand as compared to what other cryptocurrencies has released. Although very detailed and well thought of even those without much knowledge or experience with digital currencies could well grasp the functions and benefits one can have buy acquiring Cryptocean’s services. Aside from the technical aspects which are well explained, financial details, company history as well as the people behind the Cryptocean project are well elaborated giving one a clear picture of the kind of project it is.

One thing that the people at Cryptocean seems to be very keen on is the legality of their platform and its multifunction processes and security. Having these in mind the Cryptocean Team are confident that their patrons will show equal confidence as well. On its white paper, Cryptocean points out various problems different Cryptocurrencies have encountered in the past and indicates what necessary steps they have taken to ensure a guaranteed solution to each one.

Cryptocean has also rolled out many ways or methods of acquiring tokens even without direct investment. This can be done by means of fulfilling various tasks or actions under certain conditions. These Bounty Campaigns are well detailed and presented on Cryptocean’s Bounty Program.The Bounty Campaigns include referrals, registration campaigns, social media, air drop, translations and more which people can find on their bounty program campaign sections. A lot are expected to participate in these programs which would further boost the Cryptocean’s market value as projected by the team behind the project.

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