CryptoGalaxy will take you to a blockchain-powered virtual universe | Explore, have fun and earn tokens in the process

‘It would not be much of a universe if it wasn’t home to the people you love.’–Tribute to Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking, one of the most world-renowned modern cosmologists and physicists, passed away on Mar.14th, 2018. His passing grieved those who are loyal fans of cosmology, as a star just went out in the cosmos. Mr. Hawking had dedicated his whole life to unmask the secrets of the universe with his infinite wisdom and deep insights into the modern cosmology. His new and detached scientific theories have led people to a totally different perspective of space and inspired people to explore the universe filled with infinite possibilities.  

For hundreds of years, humans have been obsessing with the urge to unlock the unknowns of the universe. Numerous universe-themed games such as Star Wars, No Man’s Sky, Astroneer were launched on the most popular game platform, Steam, drawing a string of players on the journey to discover the true nature of the cosmos.

Cryptocurrency mania is still heating up on a global scale that has led to the boom of blockchain-powered game industry. Zeepin Foundation also threw its hat to the ring by creating a Galaxy super dApp called CryptoGalaxy, which is already raising heads of cosmos fans and sparkling widespread attention in its community. Unlike other games known for space exploration, Crypto Galaxy is the first blockchain-powered game with virtual universe theme that allows players to enjoy the universe exploration through a mobile app. CryptoGalaxy game can be both entertaining and profitable as you can earn Gala tokens by performing numerous tasks. Unlike traditional games, Galaxy is virtual universe that will be turned into digital assets and will operate under Zeepin Chain.

Anyone who owns ZPT or NEO is allowed to activate the planet in Galaxy and become the owner of his planet by giving it a name; Planets belong to a certain galaxy while the block heights and nodes govern the exploitation of each galaxy.

Interested in how your planet may look like? Here is a list of 6 features you MUST know about CryptoGalaxy:

Explore your galaxy

You will be amazed at the vastness in Galaxy. Go beyond the known frontier and share your discoveries on a map. In Crypto Galaxy, daydreaming is encouraged. You can steer your planet!

Form an alliance

Each player will have a role as an explorer in the game and embark on an epic journey to discover new planets. Meanwhile, each explorer will be a part of an alliance with other players and will form a nation. The ranking will reflect the number of planets owned by players in a specific nation. The nation owning the most planets will top others on the ranking list and become the winner.

The application of AI technology

The color, physiognomy and other attributes tied to the planets will be presented on a random basis with the help of AI technology to make sure every planet is unique.

3D Real-time Rendering on Planets

To impress users with fascinating visualized experience, Unity 3D technology will be applied for real-time rendering for the exclusive attributes of the planets. What you can see is a planet as exquisite as artwork.

Digital planet assset

Each planet can be understood as digital asset owned by players on the blockchain. Try harder to make your planets more personalized and valuable as this can help your increase the price of your planets in so called Galaxy Store. Apart from these, Gala Token will be the fuel that drives CryptoGalaxy and could be obtained for free in many ways. In difference from Candy circulating among other blockchain-based games, Gala can be applied and used in various scenarios such as creating a game ecosystem, voting in the community and planet trading.

Mythic crystal

Mythic crystal is in the possession of each planet for players to mine! It can be converted to Gala.

The first batch of planets is limited – only 2000 planets will be released in the first 60 days.

The development team will work with cosmologists and astronomy institutions for structuring the astrophysical model to present a galaxy as real as possible so that Crypto Galaxy will be more performance friendly. Life is short, but the quest for a universe full of infinite possibilities shall never stop.

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