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Cryptocurrency Lending Platform Lavenir Announces Partnership with Merrill Lynch

Lavenir is one of the latest projects to hit the cryptocurrency world that launched its ICO on April 4. With the ICO price set at 1 Ethereum (ETH) being equal to 1000 Lavenir (LVR) tokens. Early investors are also able to receive a variety of bonuses through the ICO. It is a lending platform which aims to connect cryptocurrency investors with financial experts and experienced traders in order to grow their cryptocurrency holdings.

Lavenir has announced on social media that it has partnered with wealth management giant Merrill Lynch in order to provide its investment products on a mainstream level, as well as work with Merrill Lynch to provide other investment products beyond just those dealing with cryptocurrency. It was also noted that Lavenir is currently seeking other partnerships with major companies dealing with investments and wealth management in order to provide more mainstream exposure to Lavenir’s services as well as provide the best possible products to users.

The Lavenir Business Model

This platform will allow users to lend their digital currency to the exchange against interest payments. However, it is worth noting that this is not intended to be a get rich quick scheme. Users will lend crypto to the platform and then expect to get some of the profits based on a set interest rate. Unlike other sites which only accept Bitcoin or Ethereum, Lavenir will accept a variety of cryptocurrencies allowing users to earn interest on a larger share of their holdings. There is also the possibility that the platform will add other crypto coins in future to match the needs of investors.  

The platform will be backed by a team of financial experts who have years of experience in the crypto markets. They have also worked with other financial instruments such as bonds and stocks with much success. Proven trading methods will be used to ensure maximum profitability with the lowest possible risk to investor funds. Their aim is to make cryptocurrency investments profitable; despite the level of engagement that the user has with crypto markets.

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It Offers a Stable investment Opportunity

Lavenir is a revolutionary platform created with the aim of creating long-term value for investors. There are various investment rates and terms that will be offered, including the option to lend with no minimum loan period. These terms and trades are in line with the platform’s long-term vision of creating a reliable, stable, and secure way of delivering returns from crypto investments. The ultimate goal is to offer a dependable source of income for those who chose to invest in the platform.

Besides that, the interest rates offered on this platform are stable and locked in at the time the loan is made. This is unlike on other platforms where the rate promised may fluctuate due to complicated forumlas. The main reason for these fluctuations is that these sites rely on trading bots. However, the Lavenir platform is run entirely by experts.

To learn more about Lavenir and the ICO, visit

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