Cryptobuyer Partners With VISA to Give a Free Bitcoin Debit Card for Venezuelans

Cryptobuyer to release a bitcoin debit card in Venezuela.

Caracas, Venezuela – September 13, 2016 – Immersed in a severe economic and humanitarian crisis, Venezuela has become one of those cases where creativity and new ventures arise, fueled by the necessity to solve problems and bring solutions to users; such is the case of Cryptobuyer a startup based in Venezuela’s capital Caracas and launched in 2016.

Defining itself as an ‘enabler’ or ‘connector’ of Digital Assets, Cryptobuyer has focused on attaining new alliances  and key partnerships with the world’s biggest players in the cryptocurrency scene. Cryptobuyers also values the importance of being fully compliant with local and international legal frameworks and legislations.

Cryptobuyer’s latest product comes thanks to a partnership with VISA (NYSE:V), the companies reached an agreement to emit a free Bitcoin Debit Card, making it easy for people around the world to send money to their Venezuelan family and friends. The debit card can be reloaded with the equivalent bitcoin balance in Venezuelan Bolivars, enabling people to spend their coins or withdrawing local currency in the vast network of point-of-sales or ATMs. All without the need of a bank account or intermediaries like traditional remittance companies.

It’s very exciting for us to see our dreams come to fruition to be the very first Venezuelan company to offer real-world solutions, using the power of Blockchain technology, not only to tech-savvy individuals but to the general population who is undergoing a severe economic crisis, enabling them to buy food, medicines, and first necessity items. It has been and arduous process, but we firmly believe that it will pay-off with the joy we may bring to the people undergoing harsh circumstances.

This new solution is another addition to Cryptobuyer’s ever-expanding product offerings, like mobile top-ups, payments of TV subscriptions, and direct bank deposits, additionally the company is undergoing the process of securing agreements with bitcoin ATM operators around the world, which already includes Panama’s TigoCTM, and ATMs in Portugal, Spain, Mexico and the United Kingdom. All of those countries have significant amounts of Venezuelan immigrants, so they can easily buy Bitcoin to send to their families and friends in need.

Cryptobuyer’s Visa Electron debit card is being offered right now, free of charge at There are no associated shipping costs for Venezuelans or foreigners with a Venezuelan ID. The card has no maintenance fees and has a recharge limit of 1,000,000 VEF (Venezuelan Bolivars) –which at the time of press accounts for approximately 950 USD. The card can only be used inside Venezuelan borders, however, the company has plans to release an international bitcoin debit card in the next weeks, so keep in touch as further details will be made available through the official channels.

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