and BlockPay Announce Cooperation for South America

Every week we read about the challenging life conditions in Latin America. We receive on-the-ground reports from our BlockPay Ambassadors who tell us about the growing demand for more liberty, financial freedom, and access to digital currencies. We are excited to team up with Cryptobuyer and to provide the elementary network infrastructure for digital payments with our free point of sale solution BlockPay.

It is our vision to make digital payment easier for everybody. With BlockPay, every small store, vendor, food market, restaurant or kiosk can start to accept digital currencies for free. The payments just take seconds and the funds are protected against theft and robbery.

Christoph Hering (何瑞) Co-Founder & CEO at BitShares Munich IVS, said:

We are very excited about our partnership with Cryptobuyer and are looking forward to improving people’s lives with our free BlockPay POS all over Latin America.

For information about becoming a partner of Cryptobuyer-Blockpay POS solution in Venezuela, Brasil, Argentina, Panama, and the USA, please write to [email protected] or [email protected]