Crypto Market Crash – Three Top Altcoins Smart Whales Are Accumulating for 1000% ROI

With the crypto market witnessing a sell-off, smart whales are using the opportunity to accumulate top altcoins ahead of the bull season. With the Ethereum ETF trading set to commence in the coming weeks, notable analysts are projecting massive rallies for popular altcoins such as Angry Pepe Fork, Sui and Lido DAO.

With its unique staking model, which will be live at presale, APORK is a go-to ecosystem to make profits. While the Sui recent partnership with Birdeye is set to boost the token’s adoption, analysts believe a breakout is imminent for Lido DAO. 

Angry Pepe Fork Presale Witnesses Increasing Whale Activity

Angry Pepe Fork is one of the Solana-based meme coins that has seen a huge increase in whale activity in the past week. Having started the presale some days ago, the team has raised over $160k within a short time. Analysts link the rally to the strong use case, which has been missing in other top altcoins. As such, they project $300k before the end of the week. 

Using its conquer-to-earn system, Angry Pepe Fork is about to shake the altcoin market. The new feature was designed to reward users through the staking model, which will be live at the presale. The APORK staking model is presently one of the best in the market. The lock-in periods are 30 days for users who want to dip their toes in and learn about the project.

The 60 days are for seasoned campaigners looking for profit, while the 90 days are for veterans who want to lead the party and earn big. Also, the native token APORK has a real-world utility. It serves as a reward for the APORK armies who conquer zombie meme coins that are causing havoc in the blockchain. As more zombie meme coins are defeated, the APORK army APY rises. 

Meanwhile, APORK is in stage one of the presale and sold for just $0.014. Buyers receive a 10% bonus, which makes it easy to accumulate the altcoin. The security is also guaranteed, as the smart contract has been audited by a reputable firm. With plans to add more utilities soon and a strict supply of 1.9B tokens, APORK is one of the best altcoins not to miss out on now. 

Sui Integrates Birdeye API for Sui Market Data

Sui, a layer 1 blockchain designed to make digital asset ownership fast, private, and secure, has integrated Birdeye API for Sui market data. Birdeye, an on-chain crypto trading data aggregator, will provide real-time crypto market data APIs and WebSockets for the DeFi application. 

The integration, which started in April 2024, will allow for enhanced data accessibility for developers and traders using th Sui network. Meanwhile, the Sui price is showing signs of a rebound. Although the token price has declined by 20% in the past month, the Sui trading volume is increasing which analysts believe could trigger a resurgence. As such, Sui remains one of the best altcoins to buy now. 

Lido DAO Price Prediction – Crypto Analyst Forecast a Massive Rally

Lido DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that provides staking infrastructure for different blockchain networks, is one of the top altcoins to accumulate now. Recent data shows that Lido DAO generated the highest fees among all crypto applications, showcasing massive network activity and high user engagement in its staking services. 

While the Lido DAO price has dropped by 19% in the past month, the weekly chart shows signs of a resurgence with the Lido DAO trading volume booming. A popular crypto analyst, Doctor Profit LDO price analysis reveals that the token is heading towards a new ATH. The analyst believes a massive breakout from the weekly chart can trigger a rally in the coming weeks as the ETH hype grows, making LDO one of the best altcoins to buy

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