CrimeDice, Making Dice A Guilty Pleasure

At first sight the site may look ready made with many becoming accustomed to the script used by many scammers and fraudsters looking to make a big buck out of running the site for a few days. However Crime Dice has set things right by fronting itself as a respectable site as whilst a script familiar to many has been used, the operators behind the site have remained honest for weeks. With the site a incoming jewel aiming to compete with the likes of DaDice and PrimeDice, lets have a look at the many features of the site.

Initially you are greeted by a screen promoting the android app which is one of a kind. Whilst other sites have a mobile friendly version, Crime Dice developers have created a dedicated app to make sure your fun is not compromised on when on a mobile device. The visual detail and development that contributed to a easy to use and functional UI may be seen before but the developers of the site have added their own touch to produce a more refined and pleasant interface. The tools needed to create your own dice experience are all handed to you so a multitude of strategies can be created.

The community surrounding the dice site is also friendly and supportive and often allows you to become immersed with regulars constantly chatting. The community is considered one of the most important aspects of a dice site and with many sites nurturing their own dedicated following, Crime Dice aims to build a a friendly community and increase community interaction with staff members to shape the future of the site.With the site also accepting US players this has given it a edge over many other dice sites who have opted to stay out of this territory due to regulatory procedures and legal loopholes encountered.


ProsSimple to use interface
Nice design and refined UI
ConsSlow gameplay occasionally due to server lag


To conclude Crime Dice is a one of a kind gambling site. Offering all the features many other dice sites offer and then some. With a extremely friendly customer support system designed to handle all requests without causing stress to the client and even maintaining the fun of dice even though a problem might be present. The site has also got a round the clock development team which aim to add new features and iron out bugs. Whilst the site may be new the design is reliable although it may have its fair share of bugs too. But with the site dedicating a unique and innovative team to improve the platform to match the likes of PrimeDice and other multimillion dollar casinos. Below are the goals set by site operators to help Crime Dice makes its mark on the gambling scene.

To Do List:

☍(x.06.2015) – Smartphone app for Crimedice |DONE 17.06.2015
☍(x.06.2015) – Fixing “Registration bug”
☍(x.06.2015) – Change Seed Button
☍(x.06.2015) – Major Layout Changes
☍(01.07.2015) – Promotion

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