Crave Cryptocurrency Marketing Department Launches Free Offer Contest to Consensus 2018 Attendees

San Francisco, California, May 19, 2018.

Crave announces a free offer contest. One if five entrants is a winner. Receive laser engraved, luxurious quality, CRAVE wallet payment cards to hand out to receive payments in CRAVE cryptocurrency.  Five free cards will be sent to the address that you provide. These luxurious cards will impress your associates and friends with the professional appearance that cryptocurrency offers.

Simply photo and send an image of your Concensus 2018 attendee badge, and also provide your CRAVE crytocurrency public wallet account.  Go to the official Crave website to this page to enter now:

About Crave

Crave launched its masternode cryptocurrency in March of 2015, as one of the leading digital currency coins for niche markets.  It was the very first coin to implement masternode technology with a Proof-of-Stake concensus algorithm, thus leading the trend that many coins today have either migrated to this technology or cite it in their roadmap plans for implementation.

Today, Crave is readily purchased and sold on centralized exchanges including Cryptopia, and TradeSatoshi, as well as the decentralized exchange, CryptoBridge. Crave traders are active daily, with buyers and sellers adjusting price to market conditions that is largely affected by the cryptocurrency market’s cyclic trends. In late 2017, the technical team and management team presented clear instructions so as to attain a community-based network of Crave masternodes exceeding 1000 for the first time, with a 5000 Crave collateral for each masternode. The growth rate has excelled with an increasing number of operators each month, demonstrating that Crave’s investment value is strengthening.

After successfully completing a 1 to 10 coin split early in 2018, the price chart shows a steadying coin market price commensurate with the cryptocurrency cyclic trends.  As an early entrant into masternode technology, Crave has kept up with all the latest advances and updates, and has a solid technical and management team with world-class experience and education.  The core team has steadfastedly adhered to the published roadmap, and continues with the same reliable performance today.

A new development on the horizon for 2018 is the Crave Adaptive Blocks Plan that will adjust block size to current network requirements, thus allowing for faster transactions and increased scalability, as described within the white paper.  There is also work being done on a unique new wallet which will stand out among its competition.

Crave actively seeks new community members that possess skills, education, experience, and knowledge complimentary to the Core Team.  If you believe that you have what it takes to contribute to Crave, then we invite you to contact us.

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Press Contact

Dan “Slothman”, Communications Leader

[email protected]

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