Covesting Pre-ICO Reached 50% of the Goal in 3 Days!

One of the most promising cryptocurrency-based projects of the year, Covesting, led by Dmitrij Pruglo, is finally open for the public through a limited time & limited coin pre-ICO sale which will last for a month, from 20th October to 19th November.

During this period, Covesting coins, called COV, are available at a highly discounted rate of 1 ETH = 300 COV. This is, AT LEAST, 50% more than the proposed ICO price of COV which is 1 ETH = 200 COV.

What is Covesting Platform?

Covesting is the first decentralised cryptocurrency copy-trading network, based on blockchain technology. It allows non-professional cryptocurrency traders to automatically follow the trades made by the reputed traders and earn profit. There is no fee involved but only profit sharing where the pro trader takes 18%, the Covesting platform takes 10% and the investor takes 72% of the profit.

Don’t Wait for the ICO

  • Much Higher Token Price During the ICO

However, as the token becomes increasingly popular, the token price goes up as well with the highest ICO price becoming as high as 1 ETH = 130 COV. Compared to that price, the user gets more than 200% free coins. In other words, compared to the final ICO price of COV, the pre-ICO offer is better than a “Buy 1 Get 2 Free” offer.

  • Very Few Coins Available During pre-ICO

The number of coins available during the pre-sale is only 10% of what is available for the public during the ICO.  Only 7.5% of the total coins are available for the public during this period. With only 1,500,000 coins available, the target for Covesting is only 5000 ETH.

  • Covesting MVP is slated for November release

Most of the ICOs and pre-sales actually raise money against an idea or a concept while the MVP (Minimum Viable Product)  delivery actually proves the mettle of the team.

Covesting CEO, Dmitrij Pruglo, said, “we announced our MVP release long back, even before the pre-sale went live. We committed to the community that we will release it in November  and that is exactly what we will do.”

This should create a rush among the investors during the ICO which is also slated for November. With a working prototype, Covesting coins, COVs, will be highly in demand. This gives another reason to the interested investor to buy during the pre-ICO.

Strong Advisory Board Guiding the Core Team

Covesting team is already led by very able due of Dmitrij Pruglo and Timofej Voronin. However, the team has been bolstered recently when 6 prominent faces from the cryptocurrency and banking world joined the team.

Andrey Gromak: Director at Barings Private Finance. 8+ Years of Banking and Asset management Experience.

Ivan Klykov: CEO of 10+ years experience in portfolio management and investment product development

Mounir Fallah: 12+ Years of Brokerage and asset management Experience. Executive director at FXQuantum (UAE).

Vlad Dobrov: ICO Adviser, entrepreneur and investor in crypto business ventures. 19+ years experience.

James Fennel: Co-Founder and COO at BitNation – the world’s first Decentralized Borderless Voluntary Nation (DBVN).

Mike Bishop, JD: Advised on multiple high profile ICOs including CareX Health Network, LAToken. Venture capitalist. Tax, asset protection and wealth enhancement. Cornerstone Consulting, Equitylock solutions.

Having a strong and experienced advisory body doesn’t only help the ICO to gain wide awareness and credibility, it also plugs several minor holes in the future planning, gives a clearer vision and brings varied expertise on board. This advisory board looks convincingly capable and can guide the core team of Covesting in navigation.

cov 50 percent done

Where to Buy COV

COV is available exclusively on the official website,

Only Ether is accepted for the purchase of COV coins. Users can buy Ether from any leading exchange, against USD, Euro, BTC and similar and buy COV against that. The purchased coins will immediately reflect in the user wallet.

This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of The Merkle. This is not investment, trading, or gambling advice. Always conduct your own independent research.