PR – Connectius, How to Optimize E-Commerce via Blockchain

Connectius team launches pre-ICO, to implement new SaaS solution for e-commerce, on November 5, 2017.  The key goal of the project is to help any marketplace to cut back money they lose on unfair practice of consumers with the aid of smart contracts. In 2016, e-commerce lost about 8% of its income due to unfair acts, and almost 40% of all transactions were not related to purchases.

Connectius service platform could be integrated easily into an existent e-commerce marketplace thus reducing expenditures on customers servicing and minimizing the fraudulent actions of customers.

The Connectius ecosystem works started in 2016. Currently, alpha version of mobile app built on its base is ready. Connectius Experts is able to provide a customer with a ranked list of people and companies offering the required service using geolocation and smart matching mechanism. The key parties of the system are goods and services consumers, providers and arbitrators.

The tokens will be used to get services within the platform as well as services offered by Connectius-based apps. Each action supported by a platform is a smart contract, thus should anything goes wrong, any party may call an arbitrator (oracle) to solve  the dispute. The credit of all users is changed constantly every time service instance is closed, and it is saved in blockchain to increase the mutual trust of users. Any authorised user with specific level of credit, or a person chosen by the community may become an arbitrator.

Connectius team includes 13 persons. The project co-founders Aleksey Alimov, CVO, serial entrepreneur, business architect, Vasily Kozlov, Blockchain enthusiast, founder of several companies, Aleksey Nosikov, CAO, real estate investor, founder of several companies, Sergey Nosikov, Telecom and IT expert with more than 15 year of experience. The company also involves the leading experts in the required fields for alpha-testing.

During the ICO, the company plans to sell 31,000,000 tokens. The crowdsale starts on November, 5 and will last till December 20, 2017.

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